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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Utopia: The Ideal Society Unveiled
Discover the origins of utopia, its impact throughout history, and humanity's eternal pursuit of an ideal world.
Uncover the concept of patocracy, where a select elite wield significant power, and its effects on society and politics.
Double-Slit Paradox
The Double-Slit Paradox: Quantum World and Simulation
Delve into the quantum world's uncertainties and the theory of simulation, challenging our understanding of the universe.
Mastering the Mind: Difference Between Thinking and Thoughts
What is the difference between thought and thinking? Our blog offers expert insights into the intricacies of these concepts, including
How not to step on happiness and satisfaction
what makes a person happy, and why does he feel satisfied? Can we feel happy without being more or less
The complete library of governments archetypes
The existing state of the world is not a constant, which allows futurologists to predict the development of society.
Aristocracy first referred to men in ancient Greece, and their front armies with high value of military courage.
Circular economy support platform in Japan
Circular economy support platform in Japan
A circular renewables platform to visualize plastics historically discarded as waste and other recyclable resources.
Quantum science of the nature
CRISPR – perfect DNA alteration technology
CRISPR/Cas9 technology, which allows modification of the genome of higher organisms (including humans), has become in recent years one of
Life and Death
What do we see before we die?
"We focused on measuring 900 seconds of brain activity at death and studying what happened 30 seconds before and after
When change occurs entropy is present Land
When change occurs, entropy is present
The term entropy was initially used to measure the number of ways in which a thermodynamic system can be ordered.
IBM’s Quantum System One comes to Europe
IBM’s Quantum System One comes to Europe
Inside was an IBM Quantum System One—which until now had only existed in IBM's New York-based data center.
Top 6 global quantum computing development companies
Top 6 global quantum computing development companies
We explore the 5 most influential companies in the world of quantum computing that are changing our world.
Jung and Hofmann about role of psychoactive’s
Carl Jung and Albert Hofmann, focusing on their respective work on the unconscious, consciousness, and the potential role of psychoactive
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Frédéric Chopin discuss music
musical ideas and influences associated with Mozart and Chopin, focusing on their contributions to classical and romantic music.
Voltaire and George Orwell about the importance of free speech
Voltaire and George Orwell, focusing on their shared beliefs in the importance of freedom of speech, their critiques of authority,
Data lake
Data lakes and data warehouses are widely used for storing big data, but they are not interchangeable terms. A data
Hyper-local data 
Hyper-local data refers to the data that is more specific and relates to a smaller geographical area than 'local' data.
District heating
In district heating systems, the heat produced as a by-product of power generation and waste incineration is generally transported using...
Digital twin
Digital twins are virtual simulations of physical objects and systems. They model the properties and behavior of these real-world objects...

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Wednesday, November 29, 2023


Absurdystan thoughts from infra red to ultra-violet
Absurdystan mission: Thoughts from infra-red to ultra-violet
The crisis of consciousness. Our impossibility to feel our core nature and see this nature in every one of us
fractal geometry
Splendid fractal geometry of B. Mandelbrot’s world
Mandelbrot discovered to science the harmony of chaos. It was these rules and patterns that the brilliant scientist, theorist, and...

Art, architecture, and abstraction

Buses of the future
Buses of the future
Midjourney has shown what the city buses of the future would look like.
ANNO-2205 the game of climate problems solutions
ANNO 2205
ANNO 2205 tells the story of a global ecological catastrophe in the not-too-distant future. Human progress is so rapidly gaining

..about the Consciousness

Why there is no “the best” personality type?
Are you curious about which personality type is the "best"? Our latest blog explores the strengths and weaknesses of different
Exploring life’s ultimate question: What is the purpose of our existence?
Join us on a thought-provoking journey as we explore the age-old question, "What is the purpose of life?" Our latest
Personality is a balance of community
Any community should have 50/50 coverage of males and females. Personalities should cover the following type groups: 

..about the Positive mindset

How not to step on happiness and satisfaction
what makes a person happy, and why does he feel satisfied? Can we feel happy without being more or less
10+1 little things you should be grateful for every day
If you look at your life from a vantage point, you will surely find that you are not bad at
Feeling freedom and liberty, open life without limits.
In a time when planning and performance are literally what we are asked to do daily, we need more than

…about the Existence

A guide to teaching consciousness techniques to improve well-being
Discover the transformative power of consciousness techniques in our latest blog. Whether you're a teacher or student, our guide offers
The purpose of Human Being – Human Life
The intention is life itself, unconditional love. Awareness, which means we must be aware of who we really are, with
The unity of soul and mind is the path to happiness
The unity of soul and mind is so rare that it can literally be sold profitably. All masterpieces of culture
From where coming our thoughts?
It is very probable that we do not understand our thoughts, because they can mean something completely different from the

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