What is going on in the head of humans and how it works is the question for many scientists in the world. The first thought that the human brain is just an electronics mechanism came at the begging of 1970. At that time, scientists did experiments on fallen soldiers. They experiment how action with electric impulses to the specific part of the human brain opens the possibility to impact the moving parts of the dead person.

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How neurons are releasing impulses is a long history of deep bio-neural studies. Inside neurons in the human brain work microscopic elements like electric impulses and using neural networks similar to known electricity cable networks, and these elements move via our neural system. So they studied electric impulses and also a system of forming bio-magnetic fields. These bio-magnetic fields in the brain exist, but there are deep studies about a kind of synchronicity between these magnetic fields and the other, even global magnetic fields – in our understanding up to the level of earth bio-magnetic field read more about Schumann resonance).

Beginning of Electroencephalogram based research

The term: electro-encephalogram was invented In 1928 a psychiatrist Hans Berger. He was able to first-time measure the electric signal from the top layer of the brain. Modern encephalograms can measure in which part of the brain runs up electric activity. These days, it is also possible to force the action of the electric device by human thoughts, like the moving fingers of the robotic hand and many similar actions. There are also studies of playing Tetris by thoughts, as well as writing simple letters.

Modern encephalograms use sensors that are reading the electro-magnetic information from the brain. By this information, they can observe the root cause of different sicknesses, even the signals, and patterns of the sickness, such as schizophrenia.

Future communication methods

It is easy to imagine that in the future, the communication with the computer will not be operated by keyboard and mouse, but directly with the human brain forced impulses.

Although, the development of “human thoughts reading by bio-electric types of equipment, and connection of these thoughts with the computer is just on the beginning. We can’t read human thoughts by computer now.

We have to wait a while as development is moving forward, and there will come better technologies. However, I am sure that working on the more sensitive sensors and better algorithms of working with these patterns can open the possibility of reading human thoughts by computer much better.

The human brain as a super-computer

The brain computes and operates neurons via the network of cells. The signal moves between cells using algorithms in the form of chemical elements that develop the brain itself. This kind of operation is the core difference how brain computing from the common electronic computer. While computers send simple information of 0 and 1, brain neurons send and receive more complex sets of information that relate to each other.

For example, one thought can hold information movement of different brain sectors, and their relationship is not taken in our measurement. Moreover, every thought handles factors from all senses: though, smell, touch, every thought contains a set of this information, probably even more.

Our current physics cannot answer how our world is organized and explain the role of humans in this world. However, laws of traditional physics can be applied to 3D objects in a 3-dimensional universe and are valid only in our space.

Two sides of consciousness

Consciousness has two sides. Something like the inner and outer. To make something possible, for example, communicate, touch, or smell by the outer side of consciousness, we must exert some effort and come in touch with surrounding things. Meantime our inner consciousness is always with us, so it’s not necessary to make anything to make it works. But, we can force effort to express and understand what we have inside. Doing that is not so easy and clear things.

In the middle of 90 years, Edward Witton expressed calculations and mathematical models prove that there is at least an 11-dimensional universe. Moreover, in every one of these dimensions is possible to place an endless volume of worlds.

So higher is the volume of dimensions, and higher is the volume of components in these dimensions, so more information is available. In contrast, in the three-dimensional, the volume of information is limited. So that means that if we have x-dimensions around us and everything we do, track, or measure in 4-dimensional logic, our understanding is wrong because the information is incomplete.

John Serl – a modern philosopher, said that we are going wrong in science for the last 50 years by watching the materialistic understanding of our world. We still assume that our consciousness is directly connected – or it is part of our brain. We do not accept the theory that consciousness can exist without the brain. It will mean that consciousness is immortal. Although, when we think about this from Vedic scripts or religious science, it is said that the soul is immortal.

So, what is inside our heads? It is a 3-dimensional computing system (Fabrique) that operates our 3-dimensional body. The brain manages the functioning of all our organs without the necessity of thinking about them, from blood pressure through the routine but pretty difficult mechanical and biochemical processes.

Imagine that person is working in Fabrique and whole life doing the same thing again and again. He doesn’t need to use the brain for the exhaustion of the work because he does that automatically. But then this person comes home, and he wants, for example, to build some homemade part of the furniture in his house. It is not a routine, and his brain does not have at this moment a clear solution for how to do that. At this moment, the brain is starting the process of thinking. His communication channel with (Akasha, or quantum) information field opens and gets information. At this moment – the person becomes a creator. He performs an imagination of things that do not exist in this world, but they can be in the future. Often, many of these complex imaginations come into sleep.

I’ve studied several serious experiments made somewhere in the university in California when scientists measured brain activity during sleeping and found that the brain is 7-time more active than during the normal daytime operation. The main paradox is that at that moment, the main sense is switched off. The sleeping person has increased electrical activity of watching, listening, smelling, balancing, and many more. My question is, what super-difficult work does our brain do while we sleep? If you stand on the digital “weight” in the morning, you will see that during the 6 hours of sleep, you lose about 1-2% of your weight. Half of this is water, and the rest calories are consumed by intensive brain activity during sleep.

Most probably, I can imagine that while sleeping, the brain (or consciousness) crosses the border of our three-dimensional space, and this gives us a possibility to get information from the source of Akasha (quantum field). An extreme amount of information. By this, we can also explain the phenomenon of “predictive” dreams. You probably also heard that many inventions came from different people at the same moment – and all of them prove that they got it during sleep. Strange? Maybe. Amazing. Definitely yes. Let’s move forward.

We use to think that exist some materialistic holder of the information. But our feelings are also real (exists), although they don’t have materialistic properties of character. This kind of information storage is also the human consciousness. Most religions are calling that spirit (soul) and accepting it as immortal. Soul, we cannot measure by materialistic parameters like length, weight, and width. It is also impossible to measure things – like love, pain, intellect, and many other human personality characteristics. The size of such storage (holder) does not have borders. It helps to store all information from the past and future and their different options (variants).

A Canadian neurologist performed a unique experiment that analyzed his patients using electric impulses and hypnosis methods and helps them remember events from the past and analyzed the deepness of details they can remember. Meantime, patients were able to feel all the feelings around – like smells, etc. They felt that they are in the exact place in the past. During one of the critical experiments, he took a 60-year-old bricklayer. He expresses very deeply specified details from an event that happened 40 years ago, when he was 20, working on some building. He remembered details that in a normal situation, you even don’t think about it. For example, the dimensions of bricks, their cracks, and their position placed in the building construction. Later they analyzed the building and details pass for 100% of what a patient said. That means our memory is endless, and we can remember (write to the information field) every small detail, even that we are not thinking about.

Is it possible that the human brain can remember all such details and remember them for such a long time? Scientists are very skeptical of this, and the chance is very small. The brain can’t remember everything, and our memory capacity is very limited. In reality, we cannot remember all situations around us with the accuracy of milli-seconds. None of the brain systems can manage this. We use only a few remember and our memory works in some of the blocks.

The question is if we can use some methods how to get from memory these details. In reality, even when we explain the same situation several times, we can easily explain it in different words, with different details. That means every situation we explain from the same point of view is different ). This is how misunderstandings grow in our brains.

It is a pretty difficult question – We even cannot trust your mind 🙂


There exists one more state of living when we can connect off from our 3-dimensional world. It is possible during mediation. It is a master practice of every Tibetian temple. Even the simplest monk must be able to separate body (brain) and mind. Monks have their practices that are described in the Tibetian book of the Dead. They live an ascetic life, eating mainly food from natural proteins (food with DNA construction must be as far as possible different from ours). They don’t eat food with similar DNA with our – like meat and products full of saccharides. They are preparing their body for a kind of anabiosis. The result is that their body does not die but functioning only on the core processes while the brain activity is getting more silent.

Modern encephalography

These have our neurophysiologists pretty nice described the map of the human brain. They know exactly what part of the brain manages what part of the human body, what parts of organs, taste, and so on. Even there are specifics per persona, and parts can differentiate. So this device can track the human brain of every patient, and the algorithm can assign the proper role of the brain to the proper zones of human mechanism control.

These zones are possible easy separate. Neuro-surgeons know where one zone ends and where another one starts. For example, where are zones of core stimulations, and where are zones of peripheral stimulations. All this is well known, but nobody can say where and how we borns our thoughts. In which zones we have stored thoughts for the first dating, or remembers of a very tasty meal, and into which zone of the brain were stored all the information from years of education and university studies.

A mechanism similar to TV

Can you believe that Television has its consciousness? No, it has not. Television is just a receiver of information, but the source of sending the information is different. It is a receiver of signal that uses an antenna to receive signal waves “moving” everywhere around us.

It looks like the human system works in a very similar manner. So understanding something as own consciousness, “own will,” or in general something “we own” is the most probably mistakenly understanding – and possible only in our current illusion. Our consciousness works like an analog TV but is much more complex.

In 90 years of the 19th century, a Russian academic, Juri Fomin, said consciousness works independently of the brain. Every personality is part of a global informational decision-based structure. There exist many significant scientific research and experiments. These things have been found in early experimentation with LSD. Under the stimulation of different toxins, people start to see and know thighs that they should not know and see. Later was found that it’s not even necessary to use toxins to stimulate such knowledge. It is enough to execute special breathing methods by that it is possible to bring a person to the state in which he can get a piece of particular information, and he can remember things that did not happen in his own life.

The question is – everything is simple. Because nature does everything in simple logic with the most effective way, with the lowest consumption of energy, when we are trying to watch the system more and more complex, we can come to the core misunderstanding because the answer should be simple.

This is in controversy of our understanding of the three-dimensional. But, moreover, in the state of hypnosis or clinical death, we see things and the energy how it works, out of our existing limitations of the viewing illusion.


Another very specific question is human memory. In the history of people are numerous situations when people show an extreme possibility of memory. For example, Cleopatra knew ten languages, and despite the fact, there is not a note of how she learned it. On the other hand, the administrator of the Vatican libraries spoke fluent in six languages, and he was able to write in more than 50 languages. And he never left the border of Italy and this amount of languages he was able to learn by himself only.

Chess player Alexandr Alioknin was able to remember all matches for the whole history of his playing. Japanese guy Akina Haraguchi was able to remember 83431 numbers of the Pi. It is really difficult to imagine that such a volume of information can be represented as the results of a connection between neurons that give such results to the brain. Much easier to imagine such phenomenal memory is access to the comprehensive library (Aksha, also called the quantum field).

Who developed this complicated mechanism that we are calling the human brain? And how it exactly works? We don’t know the answer to the question of who is more important – who is leading who? Person leading his brain, or brain leading the person? Is it possible that the brain is just a very small piece of a much more complex system (or device), and the human consciousness is out of our body, and it is a part of the information field of the whole universe? Yes, the question, my question, our question, the human sense question.


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