Don’t be seduced by the appearance of things. A phenomenon that is very relevant to our times. We have a powerful time for a change! It is not about the right momentum of time or place. It is about the present time – our now – is the best time for changes in our way of being, thinking, and functioning in life. In our own lives, any change, small or global happens only in the head of the single “you”.


We have reached a time where we thought we had everything somehow determined and that we would all be content to continue living our lives in a materialistic concept of comfort. In a permanent comfort zone, constant growth and increasing consumption. Because this is what stimulates us and sets in motion greater flexibility and dynamism and gives us the force of the worldview of the living planet.

This is the right direction for the healing of society and for proper functioning. Because the old structures are beginning to twist and rebel in some way. This is not valid just for political or other social systems, but for every one of us. Before, we thought that now is finally that time, when we would all live happily — standing in the materialistic conception of the comfort zone, constant growth, and consumption. We developed the receiving kind of standard that over-crossed our needs required for the value of life and humans value. This over-crossing consumption needs, of course, more and more resources. Do we continue to mine, without the direction of What we want to reach? Every consumption-based element we receive gives us a few minutes of satisfaction, but it does not make us happy with endless joy.

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