Production of everything we can touch in our life starts with mining. Mining minerals, oil, gas, water, and similar natural resources. On the opposite, the consumption of produced material creates waste that needs other resources to store. This is the chain that has its limits. With our indifferent attitude to our planet Earth, we approached the critical moment of complete contamination and broke sustainability far ago. Right now, humankind is consuming 60% more resources than nature can regenerate. In other words, we need the resources of 1.6 piles of earth to provide the current level of production and way of life. If the consumption rate does not change, by 2050, we will need the resources of 3 Earths.


According to retrospective calculations, the first time human consumption began to exceed by two days what the planet could reproduce by did not occur until 1970. Half a century later, by liquidating ecological resource reserves and accumulating waste, we are now living in debt to the planet for more than four months out of twelve. Despite the fact that by using technologies we are capable to satisfy production, we still don’t know what to do with waste. We should change this behavior.

With the current political system and managing consumption-driven economic systems, humans (intentionally I do not use the word People) will have huge problems with overpopulation and a much worse problem: this population’s quality. Gaping economic inequalities, rampant ecological destruction, and pervasive political corruption are all results of unbalanced systems relying on each other to remain precariously poised. There is a need to think seriously about re-designing the global economic system to serve all of humanity. But this publication will not pursue that further, leaving it to economic experts, or maybe to social engineers.

A consuming person is lazy. That’s the fact. I am building hope to change people’s thinking by inventing a “real thing.” And as I see the reality and the current standards of information delivery to people, mainly over digital media, this change can only be achieved by the right propaganda. A different kind of propaganda than now, not consumption-driven propaganda but education-driven propaganda.

Why education-based? I believe in a real correlation between spiritual energy and digital energy. Everything we see and everything around us can be broken down into 1’s and 0’s. Different kinds of energy move from one to the other, with various changing forms. Still, it is always the same energy filling the space and vibrating at a particular frequency. It is necessary to reach this energy in that appropriate condition for humanity, as we live in our variant exclusively in the field of information 0 and 1. It is very likely that with a new approach to knowledge through digital technology and people’s education toward spiritual growth, we will find this moment of unification. Then humanity will be able to work synergistically with the energy that fills all the space around us.

Explaining this in more simple words, I want to turn human thoughts into a form of information. I want to get humanity to develop it, precisely, to grow up to the next level through education and the improvement of thinking. So that there would not be only consumption, as at the current time, but the invention of the transformation of the digitalization of knowledge. We need hundreds, probably more years to reach a certain, let’s say desired level of civilization, but who knows – when we start now – and when we start all, we can see some results even during the life of our generation.

For us to really “get the time and opportunity to live and implement such plans”, we should behave much more sustainably! We should extend the ecological time and, at the same time to improve the life comfort we have achieved now. Then people would quietly and profitably engage in education and reflection on even more efficient development.

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