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I appreciate your interest in coming to this page. I have released an upgraded version of this examination every year, since 2014, and the mission is to continue this trend. Every year I collect my own experience via different experiments in areas of innovation, business, governance, and of course areas of the conscious understanding of human mentality. Results of these experiments you can await in the middle of 2023. The next chapter’s upgrade will be stimulated by these running experiments:

  1. Academy of Mental health – meditation methodology and training for kids.
  2. Physical and Mental activity – how many things people do physically, and how many scenarios play mentally.
  3. Sensoric deprivation – searching for the source of ego, and the source of soul.
  4. Time in the dark – deeper searching of the source of ego, and the source of soul.
  5. Talking with kids – i don’t know how (or actualy I can imagine), but kids know all the answers about the life and universe. Just ask them earlier than system starts to tame them.

Come back regularly to check new chapters.


Laco Vencel

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