Before the foundation of writing by the west civilizations, knowledge and spirituality were not separated. On the contrary, in the knowledge of ancient traditions, the outer research of knowledge and certainties was in balance with the inner feelings of impermanence and intuitive understanding of the necessity of spiritual growth.

Hidden knowledge

When the knowledge and mind-based approach became dominant, our system started fragmentation with the extension of information volume. Moreover, the deepening of specialization caused that only a few people could see and understand the complete picture of the creation and intuitively feel the aesthetics of the single system.

Most of the people were not interested anymore in the value and scalability of the process of thinking. Ancient knowledge was hidden in the most visible place – inside us. But we are too busy with our minds to be able to recognize this knowledge. This forgotten wisdom is the path to developing the balance between inner and outer, between Jing and Jang, between spiral changing and calm in the center of our existence.

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