We live in a world of searching for happiness in the outer world – as a kind of product, and at the same time, we are slaves of our inner wishes and aspirations. Happiness cannot be found, bought, or obtained in the form of a “cheap” suit, nice car, or lovely apartment. The real happiness is in Maya – the illusion – the endless game of the forms. In Buddhist culture, Samsara, also called the infinite cycle of suffering, gets powered by the endless thirst for pleasure.

Sigmund Freud called this the pleasure principle. Everything in our lives focuses on creating and searching for pleasure, fulfilling our wishes, and trying not to get unwished.

The dilemma of the modern community is that we are trying to understand the world, not from the position of archaic understanding of our inner essence. Instead, from the position of quantity-based and qualifying–based perception of the outer world using scientific tools and thinking. The process of endless thinking brings us to increasing thoughts and increasing the volume of questions.

We are trying to understand the inner energy of the world, creating and moving the flow, and understanding the world as something existing around us, rather than understanding it as something alive and existing in our inner nature.

Who watches and thinks in the borders of the outer world is asleep, and the one watching inside on the inner world is awake. There is nothing bad about the wish to wake up to become happy. The search for happiness in the outer world is, simply said, a delusion because it can only be found only inside.

Life, freedom, and aspiration for happiness

Metaphor on the subject of dreams, mind, spirituality, imagination, and inner world.

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