It is essential to focus on transforming the strategy of education. And changes in depopulation will occur in the initial, first stage of strategy implementation, even at the current level of consumption. In parallel, it will be possible to begin a fundamental change in the consumption system.


The changes will primarily affect advertising. The prohibition of advertising sounds very dramatic! But there is a need to involve the media in complete propaganda for changing the human mindset about the consumption of goods. Activate filters on explicit and implicit advertising, that is, on the currently popular Influencers, whose sole job is to boost consumerism, and on bloggers. This strategy of banning consumer advertising will be under the control of the present oligarchs, say the Top 50 powerful people. They are no longer interested in the consumption aspect of life since they have had enough of it, and it has allowed them to rise above consumption. Instead, they are interested in power, authority, and the real economy. And by starting to promote propaganda aimed at changing consumption, they end up consolidating their influence and power. Yes, collateral damage, such as the death of small businesses, cannot be avoided in this process. But out of that will arise the increasing impact of big, centralized business, which will provide more significant benefits than the collateral disadvantages. So we’re getting closer to smart city enterprises. Look at the fact that behind all this is a ban on advertising consumption!

Presumed ideology is directed towards the level of human development and quality of life, based on acquired knowledge rather than consumption policy. In society, the competition of human values and the creation and efficient use of the educational system is taking over. The path of learning becomes critical in building a new economy, where the emphasis is not so much on material goods and services as on innovative development and intellectual capacity.

The assessment of the modern pandemic varies from one person to another: some think it is just a disease, and the statistics are embellished, and the point is the desire of pharmaceutical companies to increase their profits; others believe that humanity is being prepared for total digital control; others consider that masks have been put on people to instill in their obedience. There are a great number of theories, and many of them seem to be very credible. But practically no one talks about the main cause of the pandemic, yet it exists. A pandemic is not a disease; it is a biotherapy. The question of recovery consists of how much strength the patient has left to survive. As of today, all of humanity is such a patient.

Pandemic has already helped many people. For instance, it helped those undecided about their profession. Now, with experience, one knows which profession is significant for humanity and which is good only at a certain time. The pandemic has changed people’s consciousness, increased the level of intuitive perception, and made it possible to distinguish dishonesty from the truth. It strengthened harmonious relationships in families and destroyed those that were fictitious partnerships. Like a good trainer, the pandemic has made us scan all those who intrude into our personal space uninvited. Most importantly, it has trained our empathy, which now allows us to rebuild this world not only as we see fit, but considering the opinions of others!

Pandemics’ global goal is to change the genetics of the human population. It is realistic to assume there will be a mutation afterward. Not in the form of a change in any external traits, but in the form of a change in the world’s perception by the descendants of the survivors. Once introduced into the human body, a virus performs specific work aimed at changing genetics. Humanity evolves through empathy! How can we protect ourselves from epidemics and pandemics in the future? As humans, perfection is available to us as a harmony of the true, the good, and the beautiful. Perfection appears in three projections: to the mind, it is given as objective truth, to the free will as good, to the contemplation as beauty. These three images of the same are first conceived in the loving heart. Because the perfect content is known in the same perfect way, by love. Conscience evaluates thoughts and deeds in terms of proper perfection. A loving heart, creative contemplation, reason, and conscience are essential to a person’s moral immunity.

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