Most people have passed through some kind of new initiation in life. By that, I mean a crisis that defies what you knew and what you were. From the rubble of the ensuing collapse, a new “self” is born into a new world.


The changes that happened to me about 10 years ago turned my thinking upside down and somehow gave to me incredible new knowledge. At that time I was an ultra-ambitious man who achieved a remarkable career. I have implemented and managed huge projects. It is clear that when you manage such projects, there is a colossal amount of interaction with people around you. For example, during the 20 years of my professional activity, there were over 5000 people I have communicated or interacted with. Either they were bosses, employees, suppliers, customers, or just foreigners that I met during endless trips. While managing such projects, you often pass many difficult psychological, and political situations, simply situations that hardly impact your mind and cause difficult decision-making actions. Until 2008, I was a very rational person who could visualize 10 to 20 years ahead by analyzing and planning future ideas into the project plan.

But this situation changed me. One might say unexpectedly for me, there was such a “brain breakdown,” and I couldn’t talk for a while. I had a tough meeting, which, by the way, went great. We had some troubles that caused a few million dollars in loss and shareholders were pretty angry, screaming, and so on. Simply said, it was for me one of the most difficult three hours in my life by trying to keep them calm. After that meeting, I left Delhi and return by a short flight to Chennai. I felt strange at the airport. Usually, my mind is full of plans, doubts, thoughts, and different scenarios that are all the time something analyzing. That time I felt that my mind is empty. Silent. Clean of thoughts, clean of doubts. Empty. Afterward that I went silent for a few weeks. I cannot sleep, I cannot eat. I just woke up in the morning, came to the office, left the computer in my office, and sit on the fire-exist stairs in an office building just sitting calmly, watching the trees, and did not understand what was going on.

After a few weeks, of sitting on the stair, I felt extreme energy that passes through my body and everything became normal. I don’t know what happened in my head! Crisis forces you to take a new look at life, reconsider its values, and to recognize the very important understanding that change is inevitable. And also, that you always have the opportunity to choose a new direction in life and, having gone through difficulties, to reach another level of development. And whether you like it or not, you will have to face your inner world, full of illusions and conflicts. The outside world cannot change until the inside world changes.

After this happened, I began to wonder how the brain is built and how fragile the nervous system is. Shortly speaking, this situation somehow changed me, and I began to think differently. I don’t know, I can’t explain it yet, but somehow in a different way.

I continued the usual life, and continue doing my job, but in India, where, as we know, the practice of meditation is quite widespread. I was often offered by colleagues to try meditation, but somehow I failed. A while later, I got some kind of recording guide from my friends in Delhi (Gurgaon). So one day I was comfortably seated on this hot and sunny rooftop of my flat. I put on my headphones and, not expecting anything at all, tried to meditate according to the instructions I had received. I am a pragmatic person and tried to meditate only because my friends often forced me that it would be good to calm down my stress from work. So, after a year of listening to these recommendations, I’ve tried them. And, to my surprise, it worked! But more than that, I couldn’t believe me because it worked from the very first time!

I felt endless things, knowledge, and information! Anyone who has experienced a similar state of mind will understand me. This motivated me to take a course consisting of 30 lectures and “just drift away” into a psychedelic state. I started searching through different sources to understand what meditation is and eventually reached a very familiar topic: the frequency of the brain’s activity during meditation. Since I am a musician and my thinking is analytical, I began to study from the mathematical and analytical point of view what happens in the brain and learned that there is a wide range of frequencies in the brain through which, for example, it is possible to influence people.

Different frequencies are responsible for various emotions, like crying, joy, satisfaction, etc. It sounds crazy, but yes, by simple sound waves I can make you cry or increase the stress in your body, or make you happy – you will not understand how and why, but you will feel that happiness.

I was most interested in one of these frequencies, which the Buddhists call ZEN. It is called differently in different religions, but it’s always the same in the general meaning. One could say that at this frequency, a person can find or discover God. For a while, I have been researching and educating myself and thinking about all this again and again. Yes, there are certain waves that we know how to measure and those that we do not yet know how to measure and that we are not yet able to control. I began to realize that there is some kind of ZEN status or “realization that somehow in some incomprehensible way, through the brain may be, freedom is achieved”. Something similar is described by knowledge encoded in the non-physical realm of being called the Akashic field, Akashic libraries in Vedic knowledge. We are also calling it the Quantum field in the words of modern physics.

Through years devoted to this, I realized that there is a knowledge base of a specific “energy society” or “unified energy-information field of the Universe”. And it looks like this Energy controls everything around us, and by filling space, vibrating at a specific frequency, carries information about all of us! About the past, present, and future.

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