We can find this sign in every continent and every religion. The presentation of Nimba – the energy around the awakened existence – is practically common for all religions in every part of the planet. The evolution process of awaking chakras is not the asset of a single community or religion. It is the inseparable right of every person on Earth. The crown chakra connects with the goddess and everything behind the border of duality, behind the names, forms, and meaning.

The Pharaoh Echnaton from the Egyptian culture is known as the person who reopened the Aten – the god’s word inside himself by uniting the Kundalini and consciousness.

Pharaoh Akhenaten worshiped for god Atenu.

This god’s word is also known in Indian culture under the name of Sahasrara and is described as a lotus flower with 1,000 petals of different colors. Buddha is also associated with the symbol of the lotus. In the blooming lotus flower, we can find the spiraled fragment, the same as we already mentioned as the flower of life – the seed of life.


This fundamental fragment is universal and applies to all forms. It is a form of space itself, that means – the field of Akasha.

Fractal flower visualization of the Akasha - the quantum field.

Again, the flower of life is the common sign available in all religions across all parts of the world. We can find the flower of life cordoned by Lions in the most spiritual places of India and Asia.

Quite often, 64 hexagrams surround the sign of Jing Jang, which is one more expression of the flower of life.

Yin Yang circle.

The flower of life is the geometry-based element that can express any form in the Universe.

The ancient flower of life starts from the star type of object – two mirror-positioned triangles that look like the thetraidal structure in 3D measurement. This symbol is known as a Jantra, the kind of tool existing in the Universe. Let’s say – the machine that generates our fractal world.


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