This publication is an alternative study of civilization strategy. It is about the population’s evolution and mandatory requirements for human life sustainability. The study touches on surveillance through the transformation of consumption-based economics into education-based economics, and how should people, companies, and leaders serve. The study talks about the building of a lifestyle strategy that leads us to the sustainability of the environment around us, and our comfort often called joy and happiness.

The Absurdystan touches on economics, education, and people to think about themself through the expression of myself and vice-versa. It is a vision of social engineering influence through Smart Cities and a duty to participate in the transformation of mine/our/human mindset via deepening our own mind through philosophy, and psychology, via information technologies, industrial innovation, economics, and education systems, and via mathematics, biology, and physics of matter.

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Gandhi and Mandela about struggle for rights and freedom
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Utopia: The Ideal Society Unveiled
Discover the origins of utopia, its impact throughout history, and humanity's eternal pursuit of an ideal world.
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Global democracy
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