To make significant progress toward sustainable development, it is necessary to undergo a fundamental transformation of governance structures, economic systems, business, and human behavior. Such changes are real, and with their implementation come enormous opportunities for progressive people, companies, and countries that can make this transformation sustainable.


The overwhelming proportion of wealth available to modern humans results from the cumulative ingenuity and perseverance of prior generations going back to earlier times, including such fundamentals as language, cultural traditions, and scientific knowledge. Once we realize the vastness of the cumulative common resources that our ancestors have bequeathed to us, it transforms our conception of wealth and value. The widespread view is that an entrepreneur who becomes a billionaire deserves his wealth. The reality is that whatever value he created is a pittance compared to the immense bank of prior knowledge and social practices – the commonwealth – that he took from.

Financial power is now concentrated in the hands of a small group of people and companies. A significant emphasis on global transformation is the billionaire’s motivation to transform their participation in creating a new world. Possessing virtually unlimited financial capital as such is no longer enough to satisfy any of their needs; money is insufficient for them. They aspire to absolute power as well. The only necessary thing is to motivate these elites to adopt the same strategy. That is, they can realize their power and strength by investing in the development of global education, powerfully supporting the development of science, and the introduction of new technologies based on digital knowledge. The centralization of the economy and business, in this case, is inevitable, which will lead to losses in small businesses. But overcoming the crisis should be effectively supported by the elites. Because then it will be possible to manage everything from above, intelligently integrating digital technology into everyday life by digitizing everything. Digitization is the trending term, describing the 21st century in the most precise manner possible. To not make small businesses and small manufacturing directly related to cultural traditions disappear, we have to be careful not to let history and tradition die.

Let’s turn our attention to the importance of focusing on our spiritual journey and the opportunity to change the point of view on the continuing path of one’s development.

Perspective has many definitions, such as understanding what is essential and what isn’t and the capacity to view things in their proper relationship or relative importance. Take, for example, the golf ball. For years, golf balls were smooth little orbs that all the serious golfers used. But in one foursome, a young golfer who couldn’t afford to replace the golf balls when they got a little beat up kept playing with them long after his companions would have discarded them. The others noticed that even though his skills were no match for theirs, his drives always flew further and more accurately. From their perspectives, that should not have happened, given their superior experience. Their only explanation could be the nicks and dings on the golf balls. Modern golf balls now have as many as 450 dimples. That is because the rough spots enhance the ball’s accuracy and distance. Let’s take advantage of the rough spots you encounter, for they can indeed sharpen your perspective. Those rough spots often force us to look at other options, to see things from another perspective. They challenge our primitive vision and open new doors.

Thus, in each point of space and time, various information representations of many objects intersect. Hence, each point contains information about all space-time as a whole. In this regard, the question of the possibility to “connect” to this world’s information storage becomes relevant. How exactly will human consciousness be connected to the energy-information field of the Universe? Once again, we are back to the only instrument that will allow connecting to the “library” – the human soul. The process of interaction between the soul and the external field is a natural phenomenon that we can usually observe to a greater or lesser degree both in our own lives and in the life of any other human being. For example, intuition, ideas, sudden insights, and inspiration result from unconscious, involuntary interaction of the soul with this field. With the help of specific techniques, the simplest of which are meditation, mantra reading, trance, and hypnosis sessions, a voluntary, conscious connection to the library is possible. This field can serve as a source for inventions, discoveries, and works in any area of creativity, be it science or the arts.

At all times, the human mind has sought to organize phenomena into a unified picture of the world, to comprehend the laws of development of matter. At present, humankind has come closer to the questions of man’s relationship with the Cosmos, the evolution of the Universe. For what purpose? All this testifies that human consciousness has reached a new level of global in its scale understanding of the unity of all existing. This approach became possible since the 20th century gave a new perspective on the very process of creative life. Today, the possibility of creating any undertaking as business, scientific invention, or artistic work is interpreted as a dialogue, a creative synergy of the man with the Cosmos.

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