These days we are trying to understand the spiral by the rational mind. Still, by limiting our creativity by the cultural system (political, economic), we never think about what is connecting us with the spiral of life. We have always been linked to this spiral.

The process of thinking created the illusion of separateness from our personalities. Thinking creates separation and defines borders. So more we identify ourselves with our thoughts, the more we are moving away from the source. Ancient cultures were much less thinking, and their personal way was much closer with the native spiral.

In ancient India, the Kundalini represents the personal energy moving through the spine bone (spinal cord) by spiral similar to snake. In the ancient Indian yoga tradition, the inner world of people as compared with the culture of Hara to keep in the balance of spiral powers with the silence of your alive consciousness. We need to become in balance with our evolution potential. We were created to evolute into unique, multifaceted beings.

Ida – the woman, also called the moon channel, is connected to the right part of the brain. Pingala – the man, also called the sun channel, is connected to the left part of the brain. When these two channels become in balance, the energy starts to move up through the spine through the third channel Sushumna which is in the center of the spine – the spinal cord. The balance activates all chakras and opens the evolution potential.

The Illusion of life

The word Chakra is translated from the ancient Sanskrit and means “returning wheel”. Kundalini is nothing less than the initial spiral that’s dancing inside our existence. It is a different energy type, much different from our current understanding of energy, as a physical/electrical power. It is a bridge from the source of matter into the thinnest channels of energy. We are that bridge. Our brain is the bridge.

Kundalini is the energy that can be forced by will, effort, or friction. It is analogous to a growing tree. Like good gardeners, all we can do for the vegetable is to prepare soil, proper conditions and allow nature to go by its way. If we force the flower to bloom faster, we will kill it. It is simply not possible. It grows by its own intellect, with its own self-organization.

The egoism of the mind and the focus on the outer world is disturbing our native inner vibration of nature. When consciousness concentrates into the inner world, it starts to shine, similar to the sun shining. The inner lotus flower begins to grow and bloom. When Kundalini is born, the consciousness begins to see the network, the spiral, and everything of the inner and outer structure. Spiral is the connection interface between our inner and outer world.

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