I have thought about the optimal scenario based on increasing the world population’s education level while running today’s existing technology and evolution processes. Although, I am convinced that the only value that humans can make for themselves, for the Universe, or for getting answers to the purpose of life is only our knowledge. That’s it. Nobodies, not buildings, materials, minerals, or anything touchable around us. Knowledge is something that is moving us forward, and we evolve thanks to knowledge only. We do not grow because of getting skills, winning wars, driving economics, or managing processes. We grow where we are only because of knowledge, inventions, and thinking about the unimaginable.

Depopulation will come as a side effect.

I believe that a certain space is a Source of information transmitted to our three-dimensional world. To fully understand and use this mechanism, man should learn to communicate with this global information field and implement necessary information retrieved from there on Earth in the form of knowledge and inventions. And in this way, man could play the role of a conductor of ideas from that space of “Higher Intelligence”.

In this way, the human brain could “process” the sent information and “create” new ways of thinking similar to those obtained from the Source. In other words, to expand the limits of cognition and imagination and “create” new technologies. Although it is possible to suppose that everything already exists in that space, and we just have to see it, transfer it, and recreate it on the material level in our material world. I do not doubt that the Cosmos is united in a material and spiritual sense.

I suppose that it is the synergy that may be the key to understanding digital and spiritual energy’s symbiosis. Synergy and singularity symbiosis would provide the greatest possible unlocking of humanity’s shared spiritual and digital knowledge potential. To start executing the very long path of integrating synergy and singularity, we need to accomplish a long story about transforming civilization from consumption-based to education-based.

Let me add, and this is no longer “terra incognita”, that everywhere around us, here and in space, everything is filled with energy, a vast ocean of energy giving us strength, inspiration, and inexhaustible knowledge. And if we consider our mind, memory, and movement as feedback processes and understand how to work with them correctly, it would be possible to receive Energy directly from the air. So the challenge before us is enormous – to figure out how to extract this energy.

Some time ago, it was discovered by geophysicists studying magnetic anomalies that very powerful currents of an unknown nature were flowing between the ionosphere and the Earth’s globe. In this regard originated a hypothesis that superconducting channels, along which these currents move, literally envelope the Earth like a spider’s web. Thus, the entire cosmos acts solely on the principle of coordinated vibrations and resonances based on a common natural law that eliminates time and distance. Let’s assume that with the help of these channels, it would be possible to connect to the universal informational field or so-called energy-informational field of the Universe and retrieve from there the necessary information for its embodiment here in the form of knowledge and inventions.

By studying the brain activity of hypersensitive people, scientists learned to use instruments to detect the moment when their consciousness enters particular states, known as altered mental states (AMS). These states can arise spontaneously or be induced consciously by special psychotechnics, herbal or chemical means. In AMS, there are no limitations, i.e., the person is transported into other dimensions, and appears in the past and the future… Suppose that through some chip connected to the human brain, it is possible to reach AMS and thus connect to the energy-information field of the Universe. Thus, the human brain is seen as a receiving device for receiving structured waves from the Cosmos.

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