Goethe said that the beauty of art is the possibility to replicate things in the form of using the hidden secrets of nature that, on the other side, will stay hidden from us forever.

In the west, civilizations were not applied to focus on the knowledge about the templates of nature. In ancient China, this knowledge was known as “Li“. Li explains the existing order and structure of Nature. We cannot watch this structure as something static, frozen, or unchangeable. It is very similar to a mosaic created by all existing beings.

The structure is in the arteria of leaves, in the picture of the turtle armor and stones. The alive picture is the expression of nature – the secret language of the art of nature. For example, “labyrinth” is one of the many templates of Li. We can find him in the structure of corals, mushrooms, cabbage, or the human brain structure.

The cellular structure is one more example of the templates of Li. We know thousands of different structures, but they all have an analogical structure depending on their functionality. It is very easy to get hypnotized by the beauty and the dance of these structures. But, the most important is that what looks like absolutely every archetypical form is somehow intertwined into the textures of nature.

There is one more structure in the tree of Li. Archetipic models that we can find in all levels and all masses of fractals. Like in storms, ice, tree roots, and crowns. For example, we can watch the computer simulation that we know under the naming “the Age of Millenium.” This simulation shows the placement of the empty matter in the organized Universe. It was created by Max PLank in Germany. Dark matter is what we earlier called “empty space.” It is similar to the invisible neural system that is moving through the Universe.


The Universe’s structure looks like a giant Brain. This brain is thinking all the time by using the dark and hidden energy that is in the very early stage of understanding by modern scientists. The network expresses the ability to find an endless quantity of energy. Meantime giving the power to bang and develop itself.

One very important and much more interesting fact is that if we give nature some appropriate conditions, it automatically creates new tree structures. Thus, nature is the machine (engine) creating this beauty. Let’s think about it, or better say, let’s imagine it in the form of using electricity to grow trees of silver crystals. The crystal forms grow on the aluminum cathode in the form of electro-deposited ions with the help of silver–nitrate solution. The creation of crystal forms is automated. We can see on a physical experiment the creation of the art of nature.


In this meaning, everything in nature is self-organized. So higher is the electricity amplitude that we give to the experiment, the more results of crystals creation become even more obvious.

We can’t see all this in real-time, but it’s possible to see the experiment using slow-motion effects. In real-time, in our real point of view, our understanding of time and space. Similarly, it looks inside our bodies. In every aspect of the human body, we can find tree-like structures as well. For example, it is a well-known neural system in western medicine. In Chinese medicine, Ayurvedic, and Tibetian medicine, it is known as energetic channels that are the most important components to understand how our organism works.

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