The energetic channels of Nadia look like the tree. Post-mortal expertise cannot analyze the chakras and Nadia, but it does not mean they don’t exist. To get them to know, you will need to use a very sensitive instrument – your mind. In the beginning, you have to learn how to calm down your own mind. After calming down your mind and thoughts, you can, for the first time, see everything inside of you. In relation to the theory of electricity, we can explain it by Aum laws – the less resistance you have in-line, the easier is energy flowing through the line.

Lotus poses in meditation with an expression of points location of chakras

Lotus poses in meditation with an expression of points location of chakras.

When working on developing the mind’s calmness by using mediation, it creates (or approaches) the state of zero resistance in the body. Inside this energy, or also in Vedic knowledge called Prana, is our inner life. What do you feel when you transfer your consciousness inside the body? As a result of transformation training, the thinnest channels of Nadia will start transferring the Prahna through Chakras more and more of Prana energy. When we consciously allow energy to move through us, our electro–canvas becomes stronger and stronger. When the energy of Prana is transferred by a non-resistant body, the flow becomes strong, and our physical connection blooms up.

In the brain and neural system area, the wiring scheme repeats and concentrates your attention inside yourself. With that decreasing resistance of the wire, we grow up energetic power that naturally transforms into spiral types of energetic movement inside our mind.

In Daoism, the symbol of Jing-Jang is describing the connection between spiral types of powers of nature. Jing and Jang are not two nor simple. The ancient concept understands Hara as a spiral swirl. Jing and Jang is an energetic center located in your belly, a bit lower than your belly button. Hara represents the sea, or better say, the endless ocean of energy. In many Asian arts of a fight, the soldier with the strong Hara cannot beat. For better imagination, in the tradition of Samurais, one of the forms of ritual suicide is Hara-Kiri which means cut your own Hara and by this cut off your energetic channels Nadia.

Moving and balance from this center make a remarkable effect in relation to the earth’s gravitational force that you can see not only in fighting art but also in the position of the professional golf players, ballerinas, or dervishes, African dancers, Australian mystics, and many more real-life situation examples. It is turning to the one side that’s part of the Hara. The calm is similar to the eye of a hurricane or an intuitive connection with a single source of energy.

The person with the well-being Hara is connected to the Earth and intuitive wisdom is able to unite all universe beings. Hara is the center of our spiral, of our aura, of our Universe, and our neural system. It is the connector of the source of the Universe’s energy. It is exactly that place where we feel the love – the situation that we call butterflies in the belly when we feel love to you opposite substance, love to yourself, love in the entire Universe.

Center of meditation – the place that opens chakras – the center of our existence

Center of meditation – the place that opens chakras – the center of our existence.

Try to ask bees about it as they still do not rear to love. They have a special connection with the source. As a part of a symbiotic relationship, they help to bloom beauty and diversity. Bees are the connection interface between the world of micro-cosmos and the world of macro-cosmos. Exist only one hearth. You can call it by a higher intelligence, or an open mind that’s connecting everything. The open brain of a beehive sends its wishes to the entire world to force them to show. In nature, all creatures know how to exist in unison, to move in the same breath and in the same direction. All animals, birds, bugs, and fishes; know this rule naturally.

Although, not all of them give benefits to each other. For example, grasshoppers can eat everything on their trip. They don’t have the ability of choice, except to serve similarly to grasshoppers. They will never collect the honey or file off flowers. The behavior of grasshoppers is unchangeable.

Human behavior is different – we can always choose. Either to live like a bee or live like a grasshopper. We are free to choose and free to manipulate a model of our relationship with the outer world. We can live in symbiosis with the Universe and nature or live like parasites.

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