The Yantra was used as an instrument for the awakening of awareness for thousands of years. The visual format of Yantra is the outer presentation of the inner process of spiritual growth.

Flower of Jantra. Visualization of quantum field in the meaning of organization of quantum data.

This hidden music of the Universe becomes visible and is created from intersecting geometric pictures.

Symbol of alchemy, religion, and spirituality. Metatrons Cube. Flower of life sign. Meditation.

Every human chakra represents the lotus, yantra, and psychophysiological center with itself, though it can over-lived the whole Universe. In Tibetan culture, the yantra is always full-filled with reaching layers of meaning and filled by a profound cosmological outlook.

Yantra is the continuously developing model that works thanks to the power of duplication (fractals) and rounding iterations of the spiral. Unfortunately, the power of yantra is almost lost because we can see sense only in the outer form, and we cannot connect intentionally to the inner energy.

The basic flower of Jantra is also called Mandala in another religion.

There is a concrete reason why monks and yoginis lived in celibacy. These days, due to the lost connection of understanding the inner world, only a few know why they practice abstinence. The reason is pretty simple. Due to the consumption of the inner energy to produce sperm and egg cells, this energy can be missing for Kundalini which activates higher chakras. Kundalini is the energy of life, as well as sexual energy. When this energy is less concentrated for life, it can move up via the spine and concentrate on the higher levels of the body connected with the resonance of universe vibrations. There are yantra practices that teach you how to manage this sexual energy and use it for higher spiritual evolution.

Field of akasha visualized by Jantra system of the data model.

The state of our consciousness creates the necessary conditions for our energy and the possibility of its growth. Therefore, the change of the state of consciousness does not consume too much energy.

Spiritual teacher Eckhart Tolle said: the presence of consciousness always takes place in the present moment. When you try to make something happen, you create the opposite resistance to the present existing in being. Removing all obstacles allows the energy of evolution to open up.

In ancient yoga culture, yoga asanas were used for the preparation of the body for meditation. Hatha yoga has never been used as physical training but rather for connecting the inner and outer worlds. In the translation of Sanskrit, the meaning is the sun (ha) and moon (tha). When the polarities of dual worlds are balanced, then we are awakening the third – we found the mystic Golden key that opens the evolution energies of Nature. It is a synthesis of sun and moon channels in our evolution energy.

Due to the reason that modern people are mostly connected to their mind and the outer world, we can rarely meet the person balancing its inner and outer power, allowing Kundalini to be awake in a natural way. Those who identified themselves with the illusion of Kundalini always will remain the metaphor, but never the direct experience of a merge of energy and consciousness.

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