ANNO 2205 – Storytelling

ANNO 2205 tells the story of a global ecological catastrophe in the not-too-distant future. Human progress is so rapidly gaining momentum that people have stopped thinking about nature.

People have created a world focused on saving the resources of the planet The difficulties you will face is an energy crisis that appears in every corner of the world map.

The Moon is the center of resource extraction, which restores the energy reserves for the survival of mankind.

Therefore it is necessary to develop both Earth bases for life and capture lunar territories.

  • The first stage is the development of our closest satellite.
  • The second is the development of a colony on the planet Earth.
  • The third is the discovery of new territories.
  • And the last is a giant corporation created by the player that controls the entire Earth population and all the processes of resource extraction on the Moon.

Features gameplay version 2205

ANNO-2205 the game of climate problems solutions

The length of the beautifully worked-out game scenario is about 20 hours

The game maps are divided into three large groups:

  • Mild climate on the islands.
  • Eternal winter on the poles of the planet
  • lunar surface exploration

Each scenario is well-detailed. In the south, we will have fruit and all kinds of delicacies. At the north pole, scientists create the latest technology. And on the moon, there will be colossal extraction of essential resources.

The novelty will also be interesting to watch the process. In ANNO 2205 people won’t be cutting wood and chopping stone, they will be extracting different chemical elements, and water will be produced with the help of purifiers.
The game’s main line of gameplay is a focus on environmental issues and pollution. Therefore, every technology created by the player will save the resources of the planet

An interesting solution is to give players control over several bases in completely different regions, where each has completely different features.

To summarize, there are several positive advantages of this novelty:

  1. Great graphics, which is superior to almost all simulation games
  2. The gameplay is easy and not forced, which will please both newcomers and fans of the ANNO series
  3. Management is conducted, in different parts of the map, and specific features


Games such as ANNO 2205 help develop the player’s ability to multitask, stimulate the in-depth study of the processes of production, show the main chain of interactions, and train understanding of the processes of the city and the main points in its infrastructure.
Which gives a person the necessary skills and knowledge to understand the world around him in general and in detail in particular.


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