The qualities of politics of the future could depend on the specific context and needs of a given society.

However, some experts believe that the politics of the future should embody the following qualities:

1. Transparency: Politics of the future should be open and transparent, with clear processes and decision-making mechanisms that are easily accessible to citizens.

2. Inclusivity: Politics of the future should be inclusive and representative of all members of society, regardless of their background or identity.

3. Responsiveness: Politics of the future should be responsive to the needs and concerns of citizens, and be able to adapt and change in response to new challenges and opportunities.

4. Sustainability: Politics of the future should prioritize long-term sustainability in terms of environmental, economic, and social issues.

5. Collaboration: Politics of the future should foster collaboration and cooperation between different sectors and stakeholders, both within the government and in civil society.

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6. Empowerment: Politics of the future should empower citizens to be active and engaged participants in the political process.

7. Technological Advancement: Politics of the future should be able to keep up with technological advancement and use it to improve governance and decision-making.

8. Evidence-based: Politics of the future should be based on facts and evidence, rather than ideology or personal beliefs.

These qualities are not mutually exclusive and can be seen as a framework rather than a specific blueprint. It is important to consider the specific needs and values of a given

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