Until 2021, the human labor force will not need up to 6 percent of jobs. There will be dominant robots and artificial intelligence. This is particularly true of customer service. Also, taxi drivers and freight transport can be seriously threatened, Forrester says.

These robots, or rather AI agents, will have system improvements. These systems will better evaluate and understand human behavior. Based on this, they will be able to make decisions. In the virtual world, we are far off in this direction – applications such as Siri, Alex, Cortana, or other robots you can chat with on the Internet are a good example.

For now, only our orders are fulfilled, and occasionally some commentary comes in, but intelligence will soon be available to make decisions for us, even driving a car safely. This technology will bring benefits and save money for businesses. But if you are an employee doing unprofessional work then you may be in serious danger.

Virtual assistants

“By 2021, robotics with artificial intelligence will begin to spread massively. They will replace workers in the field of customer care, transport, and logistics,” said Brian Hopkins in a report. The revolution has already begun. With 51 percent of adults claiming to use a virtual assistant in some way. Because apps have access to calendars, e-mail accounts, browsing history, playlists, and purchases, using this information, agents will build a comprehensive idea about us and provide highly customized help that is valuable to businesses or banks that try to provide better customer service.

Imagine you need to buy new running shoes, but you have not had time to go to the store. And somebody is ringing at the bell and is ordering brand new shoes in your preferred color, brand, style, and size. You did not have to do anything. The virtual agent solved it for you. Companies like Google or Tesla are working on unmanned vehicles, and this technology could replace taxis or freight transport in the future.


It is perhaps a beautiful idea, but what happens to 6 percent of employees? The authors of the study are confident that many new jobs will be created, but they will need professional skills. Other places will be created even in retail, banking, and healthcare. This trend is characteristic of all developed and wealthy states, research shows.

A six percent decline in work is not a big deal, but in the future, it is supposed that machines will replace people in more places. This can lead to a serious social crisis, low employment, among other things, also leads to an increase in drug use.

Many criticize the government openly for being aware of growing problems, but it does nothing for it. Everybody just talks about how to make education more affordable or raise the minimum wage, but what? When there are no jobs, “said Andy Stern. This does not mean that we are kicking our own grave, but the socially weaker will experience more difficulties than the politicians will do with it.


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