Social media marketing – It is a modern tool of Internet marketing, which helps to attract consumers through social networks.

The main tasks of SMM

  • Attracting the attention of the target audience to the brand.
  • Creating a positive image of the company in the eyes of the target audience.
  • Establishing fast and high-quality communication with customers, getting a response.
  • Management of brand reputation online.
  • Stimulation of sales using advertising tools.
  • Formation of a circle of loyal users.
  • Attraction of additional traffic to the site.
  • Involvement of a large audience, e.g. through draws and contests.

Why you should use SMM

Lack of direct advertising effect. Company posts in social networking communities, which are essentially promotional materials, are usually perceived by people as entertainment and do not cause significant negativity.

Interactivity. You can not only inform the target audience, but also communicate with it, promptly respond to feedback and requests.
Possibility of targeting. Settings of the tool are made based on the age, interests of the CA, its geographical and socio-demographic characteristics.
Transparency. Using social networks you can monitor what customers write, identify their interests, tastes and needs.
Large coverage of the audience. According to VCIOM, 82% of internet users in Russia are registered on social networks.
Convenience. Companies communicate with people on a platform comfortable for them, thereby attracting new clients and keeping in touch with old ones.
The effect of viral marketing. There is a close connection between users through images, videos, photos, news and statuses. Everyone shares something interesting with their friends, resulting in a viral marketing effect. Therefore, having interested at least one person, your online store, company or web resource can quickly become popular.
Involvement of different types of content.
These include video (for entertainment, education, attracting attention), audio (for the impact through slogans – hearing information can be remembered faster than visual), images (to illustrate products, services, etc.), text (to introduce users to the company and its activities).




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