Bike share innovative transportation programs that are ideal for short-distance trips provided users the ability to pick up a bike at a self-serve station and return it at a different self-serve station will thin the system’s service area.

In 2019, the GovTech market was worth $400 billion,

and half of it was in the U.S. and Europe. The largest number of companies is concentrated there – 43% and 27%, respectively. One of the most developed GovTech industries today is the smart city: these are monitoring and urban planning systems. According to Vinci Research, the automation of processes and the use of artificial intelligence, should improve the quality of life and reduce the cost of work processes.

Green public transportation

The increasing number of cars on the roads and the corresponding increase in congestion worsen the environmental situation by increasing emissions. The introduction of electric motors can help in this situation, as well as shoring of electric scooters and bicycles, which are actively developing in the West and relieving the car flow.

The Chinese company Mobike was the first in the world to offer a bike-sharing service for urban short trips. A bicycle can be borrowed at any time, left in any acceptable parking space – it is not tied to a specific station. The development is successfully used by administrations of Zaragoza, London, Hanover, and other public organizations. Today, the company operates in 23 European cities. For example, in Zaragoza (Spain), thanks to Mobike, the city will work on traffic safety measures and bicycle parking services in cooperation with the city council. Bikesharing should reduce traffic congestion and increase urban mobility, making bicycles as convenient and popular as cars.


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