For the first time, the majority of the world’s population lives in cities. By the middle of this century, the urban population will almost double.

The majority of this growth will happen in cities within developing countries. In 2012, for the first time, the TED Prize went not to a person but an idea for continued flourishing: The City2.0, an exploration of the intersection of ingenuity and urbanity. Through special TED events and gatherings around the globe and an experiment in micro-philanthropy, this wish is about surfacing big ideas for cities and empowering individuals and communities to move them forward.

The concept of a livable smart city presented in this book highlights the relevance of the functionality and integrated resilience of viable cities of the future. Smart City 2.0 offers its residents many opportunities and is an attractive future market for innovative products and services. However, it presents numerous challenges for stakeholders and product developers.

The main aspects of City 2.0

  • The abundance of Energy – Automatic/Smart distribution of electric energy between buildings and transportation units
  • Aesthetic look – All new urban places should be used for maximizing the greenery.
  • Lots of Parks – and their organization for children with natural playgrounds.
  • Places to Socialize – more cultural centers and places where people can build friendships.
  • Urban Gardening – availability and legal ability of street gardening by enthusiasts.
  • Self-sufficiency – develop the possibility to be city self-sufficient and sustainable as much as possible.
  • Good Experience of Life – increase the comfort of citizens in cities, make life easier and better.


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