Also known as Smart building technology or Building automation. Building technology refers to equipment used to control and regulate technical installations in buildings and related planning. For example, it ensures that buildings are supplied with heating, water, and ventilation. The digitalization and automation of this technology open up new potentials about energy efficiency, safety, security, and comfort in the “smart home.” Systems can be programmed to make energy-efficient decisions regarding lighting and heating, for example. At the same time, active & assisted living (AAL) systems allow older people to continue living an independent life in their own home for as long as they wish to.


Hawking Paradox of Information Disappearance in Black Holes
Hawking radiation is a key element of this paradox. Stephen Hawking proposed that black holes evaporate through radiation.
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Frédéric Chopin discuss music
musical ideas and influences associated with Mozart and Chopin, focusing on their contributions to classical and romantic music.
Camus and Sartre about meaning of life and freedom
Camus and Sartre, focusing on their perspectives on existentialism, the meaning of life, and the role of freedom and responsibility.


Utopia: The Ideal Society Unveiled
Discover the origins of utopia, its impact throughout history, and humanity's eternal pursuit of an ideal world.
Uncover the concept of patocracy, where a select elite wield significant power, and its effects on society and politics.
Global democracy
Global democracy will be based on one world state operating on liberal and democratic principles.


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