Features of an eco-city

A sustainable, stable, or ecological city is built to minimize the negative impact on the environment. In such settlements, one tries to reduce water and energy consumption, and eliminate carbon dioxide air pollution and unreasonable heat emission. The word “eco-city” was first used in the book “The Berkeley Eco-City” by Richard Register, who introduced readers to the construction of a city for a healthy future.

Any sustainable city meets the following criteria and principles:

  • ecological transportation and a smart transportation system with the ability to ride bicycles or walk;
  • zero waste and recycling, using recycled materials;
  • Energy and water conservation;
  • water treatment;
  • underground infrastructure to save land;
  • Lots of greenery, including in the houses and on the roofs;
  • autonomous economy;
  • conscious attitude to ecology.

Modern technology aims not only to protect the environment but also to make the city more comfortable for the residents themselves. Processes are being automated, smart systems are being implemented. But at the same time, the most important thing is considered to be conscious thinking and attitude to human nature.



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