Geo-tagging – this is the addition of geographic metadata to devices, which helps identify them on the network.

Is a feature

that allows you to mark photos and videos (video files less frequently) with coordinates that your mobile device calculates using built-in GPS or A-GPS modules. So, when using compatible software or uploading photos to websites that support this function, the user can view on the map the place where the photo was taken or the video was recorded. The user will also be able to sort photos by geographic location. The coordinate recording function can be very useful when traveling.

The global positioning system,

thanks to the ubiquitous presence of receivers, is successfully used in many areas of life. First, it is used by rescuers so that without losing time they can send help to someone who dials their number. Secondly, geologists and surveyors, as well as cartographers, can thus facilitate their work. In addition, GPS is used to navigate virtually every vehicle in the world. Finally, not so long ago this technology has also been adopted by marketers – with some smartphone settings, once you are in a certain area, you can get a message, for example, about a restaurant or store, located nearby. Fortunately, it’s not a very popular solution yet.


GPS and geo-tagging are great assets for the traveler. Instead of using a photo album and relying on imperfect human memory, you can upload photos to a special program, which will arrange the flags and frames on a world map. In addition, most popular social networks recognize this information automatically. Perspectives The vast majority of information accompanied by location tagging is photos. And no wonder: people’s craving to see the world, the popularity of travel blogs – all these have made geo-tagging extremely popular. What does it mean? That it is possible to track the movements of each user if you want to. Of course, it is a personal decision of each person – to disclose this kind of information about themselves or not, but GPS modules are already built into many devices, and not everyone cares about their setting. So it is possible to provide such information to everyone, even without knowing it. Of course, geo-tagging is convenient, but you must remember that every coin has two sides.



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