Global climate change adaptation – actions are taken to help communities and ecosystems cope with changing climate conditions. (UNFCCC)

Climate change may be the greatest threat to the biodiversity of many, if not most, ecosystems. Therefore, the issue of adaptation to its changes is becoming increasingly vital and requires appropriate measures to be taken to address it.

In this article, a study and assessment of existing methods of adaptation to climate change have been conducted and proposals for acceptable measures to be implemented in different sectors of economic activity at the national and international levels have been developed. The assessment of the existing published and reported data on adaptation to climate change allows formulation of the following possible measures, which can be prioritized for practical implementation:

  • Use of energy-saving technologies and alternative fuels in the energy sector;
  • increased recycling and reuse of industrial and household waste to reduce methane emissions;
  • Structural reorganization of agricultural practices; development of biotechnologies and selection of new crops;
  • optimization of the structure and composition of the forest area, in particular, deforestation and afforestation;
  • rehabilitation of disturbed or dried out bogs, especially in Belarus;
  • improvement and adaptation of transport communication infrastructure, as well as the development of preventive and response measures during spring floods and improvement of hydrometeorological monitoring to increase the preparedness of the economy and population for extreme weather changes.

Future activities on adaptation to climate change in the European region, including Belarus, are aimed at developing and implementing national strategies that will be generalized and integrated into a pan-European strategy conducted within the European Union.


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