Home automation: a combination of hardware and software solutions that enable the control and management of electronics, appliances, and devices in the home.

Problem Solving

So, how do you solve this seemingly unsolvable problem? How to make the wiring and connections easily changeable? It turns out that there is a solution and it has been known for a long time. Clever people invented Ethernet and structured cabling systems for transporting low current signals a long time ago. It is without exaggeration a brilliant invention of mankind and you and I should not use it. Why? Because we just need to transport low-current signals.

What are the advantages of using a structured cabling system (hereinafter SCS) to build a smart home? It is:

  • Proven by time and countless installations solution
  • cheap, affordable, and high-quality equipment
  • multibillion-dollar industry support
  • well-defined standards
  • Ability to use existing wiring
  • the ability to use the wiring of the smart home “for its intended purpose”, ie, to connect computer equipment
  • all equipment, including sensors and controllers are connected and disconnected without a soldering iron, with one click, which is very noble
  • your smart home can be reconfigured at the iron level in a couple of hours, which is impossible with the usual approach
  • you save time, money, and labor

There are so many advantages and they are so obvious that it probably makes no sense to talk about them much. Let me give you just one example. Imagine that you have installed a smart house and suddenly you need to add a sensor or move the controller to the floor below. Normally you would have to take a hammer, then run new wires, then glue wallpaper, then do long and thoughtful soldering, and so on. In practice, you will probably just give up on the idea of changing anything in your house.

So what about the suggested approach? You (sedately) walk up to the patch panel and with a slight movement of your hand, plug the patch cord. That’s it. Oh yes, I forgot, you also quietly take the controller and “plug” it into the floor below. That’s it for now. Feel the difference? And by the way, this approach blurs the concept of local or remote control – your controller can be anywhere in the house.


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