iBeacon technology is a promising development from Apple, designed to transmit a Bluetooth signal to devices within the range of Bluetooth beacons.

This makes it possible to position objects indoors. It first appeared in 2013, but has already managed to win the recognition of business representatives. The essence of the system consists in installation of miniature beacons, which communicate with users’ smartphones via Bluetooth Low Energy standard. When a person is near the beacon, it activates a mobile application on his phone, which activates the dispatch of pre-prepared information.

Thanks to the technology, different actions can be programmed depending on the ID received and the distance from the smartphone to the tag. The application on mobile devices tracks the movement of people and objects, builds interactive maps, and displays notifications of informational or promotional nature. This approach greatly simplifies communication between companies and consumers, provides business representatives with more effective attraction of the target audience. The operation of Bluetooth beacons is based on the BLE standard.


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