Multi-modal transport – simply a system that facilitates various transport options, such as cycling, bus, light rail, train, ferry, or walking.

Multimodal cargo transportation is the transportation of cargo using several modes of transport and the presence of transshipment points in the delivery chain.

Multimodal transportation can include any operation for the delivery of cargo, which goes beyond the use of road transport.

For example, transportation by sea, followed by transshipment in a seaport and final delivery by road transport.

Another example is multimodal transportation consisting of several links:

  • Sea transportation to the port of destination;
  • Cargo transshipment and loading onto rail transport;
  • Cargo transportation by rail;
  • Transshipment at the railway terminal of destination and loading on road transport;
  • Transportation of cargo by road to the warehouse of the recipient.

As we can see, in both cases more than one mode of transport is used with transshipment of cargo between shipments by these modes of transport.

Advantages of using multimodal method of cargo delivery

This method of cargo transportation is convenient because it allows you to deliver cargo from any point of the planet. In fact, all the goods transported from other continents, delivered in this way, since here the logistician can combine the different modes of transport at his discretion, namely – based on the feasibility of timing and cost of delivery.


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