Real-time operating system RTOS: designed to guarantee the completion of a task within a certain time constraint. Often used in security systems and in building IoT devices.

For example, smart energy meters need to connect to the cloud to transmit usage data, and building security systems need to communicate locally so that the door opens when a badge is presented at the entrance.

Equipped with limited processing power and memory, microcontrollers typically perform simple functional tasks. The microcontrollers often run operating systems with no built-in functions to connect to local networks or the cloud, making IoT applications challenging.

This is how to collect data from these devices for IoT applications and perform the required actions. You can select a device from a catalog of devices from AWS partners to get started. If the FreeRTOS kernel is already in use on devices, you can either upgrade to Amazon RTOS to take full advantage of the functionality of the additional libraries or continue to use only the operating system kernel. Amazon RTOS includes software libraries that make it easy to program commonly used IoT features on a device.



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