(SGI/SGEI) Prudent and reliable provision of public goods and services that entail a special responsibility for the community at large. These comprise, e.g., energy, water, waste and sewage disposal, education, culture, medical services, or public transport. They are characterized by a guarantee of equal, universal access, security, and continuity of provision and – where the state is the provider – by democratic scrutiny and public accountability. Thus, for example, in Austria, the definition of services of general economic interest and how they are delivered typically involves a high degree of municipal autonomy.


Aristotle and Kant about ethics and philosophy.
Aristotle: Good day, Mr. Kant. I've long admired your contributions to philosophy. Let us engage in a discussion on ethics, metaphysics, and the nature of knowledge.


Utopia: The Ideal Society Unveiled
Discover the origins of utopia, its impact throughout history, and humanity's eternal pursuit of an ideal world.
Uncover the concept of patocracy, where a select elite wield significant power, and its effects on society and politics.
Global democracy
Global democracy will be based on one world state operating on liberal and democratic principles.


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