Smart networks a network that contains built-in diagnostics, management, fault tolerance, and other capabilities to prevent downtime and maintain efficient performance.

Conscious interaction, or Smart Networking, helps to highlight the field beyond competition (be it resources, money, or attention) and to see how we can join forces, unlocking everyone’s potential. In looking for an answer to the question, “What problem/challenge do we want to solve?” we highlight cause and effect relationships. Being able to see how the ecosystem around the answers is formed is what makes such interaction “smart.”

However, to take place, any idea or project needs timeliness, relevance, rules that everyone agrees on, and resources that flow in addition to the participants and the relationships between them. To live and work by the principles of Smart Networking, you can use the following practices, among others:

Depth Clarification. Begin any new project by finding the answer to the question, “What problem and task do we want to solve?” and analyzing the cause-and-effect relationships and ecosystem of existing solutions.

Outcome Image. Highlighting the social and environmental effects for all the target groups to be interacted with.

Calibration. Regularly check the competency map of the team against the map of upcoming and current activities.

“Plus One. We start each new project with at least one new partner who is working on the same problem.

Mutual Learning. After acquiring new knowledge, each team member prepares a presentation, tells colleagues what he or she has learned, and shares useful experiences.


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