In this techno-driven era every moment, every day is a day of new inventions. Human minds are delved into the production of valuable things specifically related to technology, as with the number of new inventions in the field of technology that shows how great human minds are. Technology has surrounded every individual on a different level; it has helped to connect people from distant areas of the world. Everybody in this world is interconnected and now can connect with whoever they would like to connect, no matter how far they are, distance is now covered by a few touches on your smart devices.

Technologies making our lifestyle smarter land

Incredible advancements in technology have to led to incredible comfort. What turned off people a time ago now has become a thing of joy for them. The process of thinking before carrying out a task is replaced with a single button because everything is on a single touch or a single command and is well executed then. This is what technology is, what used to be manual and with a lot of effort is now automated with much less effort or rather it would be fairer to say that it is without any real effort.

Technology is deep-rooted in almost every single thing a person accommodates in life now. These are home appliances which include smart TV’s which works on a number of sensors, these sensors can feel, hear and even see. A single voice command can be sensed by these amazing smart sensors and can turn on your favorite movie in no time. Such home appliances also include some advanced vacuum cleaners which can react to a remote in a person’s hand and can start working and accordingly.

Earlier only Smartphones amazed people but with gradual advancements in IoT, a lot has been produced on the trot. Above all these are Smart homes now, Honda the leading company in making automobile devices have now turned their attention in investing in Smart homes. It is in recent times that they have developed a Smart house that has every ease at its best. One doesn’t need to close the windows manually either to pull the curtains down, everything is on a single command of the owner. Authority over things from tiny to big is in the keeper’s hand.

Similar to Smart TV’s there are Smart Cars that possess a similar mechanism, unlike manually rotating key it starts with one quick voice command. However, amongst these automated features of handling your car, you may like to choose the one that best suits you according to your comfort level.

Lifestyle has become quick and fast as people are attracted to acquiring and being a part of a techno-driven environment for ease and comfort. Even ‘Mashable’ shows us electronic carrycots that vibrate electronically for newborn babies, and the comfort for parents is that they do not have to cater and be around their newborn anymore. They can rely on this device which can vibrate in numerous different natural styles like a mother would do.

Buying groceries is yet another made-easy aspect of life where your desired grocery items are only a call away. Home delivery of food items and miscellaneous is no more a hassle after the advent of technology. Moreover, if you attempt to visit a shop outside, you can even shop from smart shops by using vending machines that save you from long queues and trouble of payment and change.

Some actual problems and criticism

As a matter of fact, every minor to major technology can be bought by paying a good price for it, however, as the technology industry is progressing by leaps and bounds it is noticed that a great lifestyle with good quality appliances, gadgets and devices can only be enjoyed by spending a handsome amount against it. The expensive nature of these appliances is keeping some of the segments of society away from it while others head to it without a second thought. Also, many people complain about the complex features in various appliances which are putting them in discomfort instead of the opposite.

Government should back the technology industry so that maximum people may benefit from it. May it be professional or educational level, both of these need to shift their working from manual to digital in order to save a lot of effort and time. This shift would allow them to explore or work on a lot more new projects.

Smart lifestyle is an old idea founded centuries back, however, its applicability and usage are known more and more as we have stepped into the millennium era. People are anxious to stay connected with friends and family through the internet and other socially connected means. Thus needing a lifestyle that allows them to keep growing, connecting, exploring and thus elating themselves can only be achieved with the help of technology.


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