The thoughtless unlimited use of natural resources has created a huge number of environmental problems, including the result of global warming. The main reason for climate change was the release of a huge amount of CO2 into the atmosphere as a result of energy production.

Biological reactor absorbs CO2 and generates fuel

Research engineers from the American company Hypergiant Industries have developed a prototype biological reactor, the efficiency of which when absorbed by carbon dioxide is 400 times greater than trees. This produces additional environmentally friendly fuel.

The unusually effective bioreactor is based on the property of certain types of algae to absorb huge volumes of CO2, producing fuel that is harmless to nature. One small device, the geometric dimensions of which are 90 by 90 by 210 cm, was able to “remove” carbon dioxide from the environment compared to the amount absorbed by trees located on an area of 300 square meters.

Thus, the natural process of photosynthesis, during which algae absorb СО2 and Н2О, and with the use of solar energy generate the energy necessary for life, was rebuilt to produce additional environmentally friendly fuel.
Chlorella vulgaris algae, the carbon dioxide processing efficiency of which is much higher than other plants, were used as CO2 “absorbers” in the reactor. Algae placed in a closed volume of the reactor pipeline are irradiated with artificial light, and the air is pumped from the environment.

Scientists called the device Eos. The sufficiently compact dimensions of the reactor allow it to be installed directly on the streets, clearing them of excess carbon dioxide, while producing clean fuel. Bioreactors will go on sale in 2020.


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