Green economics efficiency is the main tool and asset that transforms unsustainable development into sustainable development. It is made on the concept of achieving the maximum amount of productivity with the least in financial expenses, resources, and unnecessary effort.  Being tidy with resources means less waste output.

Resources for Green Economics Efficiency

Green economics efficiency is based on the principle that resources are scarce. What this means is there are actually not enough resources to meet the needs of every entity. Take away from one and give to another. Every resource comes from somewhere.  When you take the resource it is gone from where it was.  That is why renewable resources are so important.  When a resource is used for its real value there is little waste or signs of inefficiency. The idea state of smart efficiency would be when the well-being of each person, globally, is being met.  Sustainability walks hand in hand with economical sufficiency which is the outcome of economic efficiency.

Green economics efficiency has become a state of fine-tuning when paired with smart technology, the product of information technology companies (IT).  Every resource is optimally allocated according to its purpose of serving each person or individual entity with as least touch on the environment as possible.  Information communications technology (ICT), one of the fastest-growing industries and an enabler of development and innovation, has merged with the internet of things (IoT) and created the most economically efficient state ever known to man with smart technology.

Green Economics Efficiency- Working Hand in Hand with the Environment

Green economics is efficient in the fact that it enables the efficient interaction between economics and nature, meeting the needs of both and using our resources (both economically and environmentally) in the most efficient way. The interconnected relationship between people and the environment is joined together to produce the ultimate in productivity and sustainability. It is the belief that economical standings are tied in with the greatest resource (our environment) for our sustainability as a planet. It is a proven fact that natural capital and the environments are the stepping stones and building blocks of economic value. Green economics works hand in hand with environmental responsibility growing together in an efficient manner promoting the growth of both the environment, economic progress, and social development.

Natural Capital and Green Economics Sufficiency

Natural capital is the megabank for the Earth’s largest stock of resources which are necessary for sustainability as a whole.  This includes the Earth’s soils, minerals, air, water, and a host of living organisms making life possible. Many of these used to be considered free assets, but now we have to work spending resources, time, and financial energy to keep these resources clean and functional to ensure the best quality of life for humans on the planet in the most efficient way.  Ecosystem services are the very basis for our economy and society making our life possible in all ways. Without the ecosystem in place, human life would be impossible on this Earth. Green economics work in an efficient way to ensure the quality of life for the inhabitants of this planet in a sustainable way.

Green economics efficiency opens the door to being rich in resources by paying us with ample resources in goods and services from our natural environment. A few examples of such, that we are all familiar with, would be as follows. These are only a few of the examples from our complex and ever-giving infrastructure, the Earth.

Efficiently Maintained Forests

Efficiently maintained forests will provide a constantly renewing (sustainable) flow of lumber and trees.

Clean and Well Kept Water Ways

You have heard that “Water is Life”. The well-known ways in which water is a valuable resource to humans and the planet are too numerous to mention, especially in standing with the economic building blocks and its infinite services.

The ever-flowing supply and services provided by natural capital resources are dependent upon green economic efficiency to maintain a healthy functioning environment and the continual renewing of our diversity of natural forces to cope with our needs, lifestyle, and continuing sustainability.  Natural capital asset checks and monitoring have become an advanced science offered to us through IT companies and the applications of smart technologies. Thus, through the applications of efficiency, natural assets can keep up with our demands and supply through continual renewing and growth.

Green Economics Efficiency is Essential

Green economics efficiency is essential to our natural health and economics as a whole. Without one, we cannot have the other. Ecological health is dependent and essential to the sustainability of the economy of all. We are all in a global economy that is a citizen of a larger economy which consists of ecosystem services and natural resources. Green economics efficiency is the key runner of maintaining and sustaining natural resources for the best quality of life for all, both socially and economically.


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