The smart education of computer science at elementary schools will undergo a radical change. According to the proposal for a new Framework Education Program, pupils will be less taught to work with office software and much more will be devoted to so-called information thinking.

“It should get the space of computer science as her own subject. Skills like knowledge of office parcels will integrate into other subjects, “said Martin Leon, a member of the Union of School Informatics, in the Leonardo Magazine of Informatics.

Thus, learning with data, information, and how data is collected and how it is handled will be taught. “Next will be the use of data, the basics of programming and thinking, but also the information systems, as well as the part devoted to their own computer and how it works,” says the teacher.

“In a rapidly changing area of ​​information technology, teachers need to be educated themselves. Children should get an education and work with technology from kindergarten, where the basic concepts of computer science should begin to appear. “

The government has now introduced several system projects. “One of them is called PRIM, which is intended to help prepare teachers and materials for teaching computer science. All faculty teachers are currently working on computer textbooks that should be used for school education in 2020, “said Lana.

“The main goal of computer science is to teach thinking. Digital technology penetrates into all disciplines, each discipline is hit, so kids should have an idea of ​​how things work and how they look inside. “

About computers, without computers

Children use technology today, but they can not imagine what’s behind them. “And this could help IT,” says the teacher.

The first concepts of information thinking can be learned without computers. “An example is the control of simple robots, giving simple commands that you need to take to someplace. You have to imagine, divide yourself into the next steps and do it, “explains Lana.

“The IT is trying to optimize these education procedures and find a procedure to repeat and pass it on to someone else or to pass it on as a program to a machine.”

But how can we avoid today’s often mentioned risk of information overload, especially when exposed to the education of children? “Counterfeiting is to learn to forget the dates, learn how to take a break, immerse yourself in work, and do not disturb yourself,” says the teacher.

“Because we are constantly surrounded by data, we often get our attention. It is therefore good to be able to disconnect. Think I need to concentrate now. We have to learn that technology is bringing us something, but something is taking us. We have to look for balance, “Martin Lána summarizes.


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