6Aika Smart Learning Environments of the Future

aims to increase business opportunities for companies developing services, products, and technologies related to learning and smart physical and virtual learning environments. Another key objective is to promote the development of user-centered learning environments in the Six Cities.
It also aims to develop effective and understandable models of co-creation and to test and illustrate them in practice. Fourthly, it aims to highlight learning environments that are open to co-creation by companies and other developers.

These can include primary schools, secondary schools, kindergartens, polytechnics and universities, living laboratory environments, virtual environments, and the wider urban environment.

  • Thematic areas for products and services to be developed
  • Developing physical objects into intelligent and sustainable learning environments
  • Use of digital tools and new technologies for efficient use of space
  • Virtual learning environments and augmented reality
  • Learning and education analytics
  • Product and service development environments and RDI infrastructure
  • The whole city as a learning environment.

Business opportunities and the ability to develop and internationalize will be enhanced for companies developing learning and knowledge environments. They will be able to test, receive rapid and expert feedback and develop their products and services in a real user environment based on real needs. Already during the project, the aim is to create new integrated solutions for the learning environment and new product and service ideas.

City of Helsinki (main contractor), City of Espoo, Forum Virium Helsinki, Tampere University of Applied Sciences, City of Tampere, Turku University of Applied Sciences, City of Turku, Oulu University of Applied Sciences, City of Oulu.


To create an operating model through which schools will be able to highlight their needs, and companies will respond to them by creating customer-centric solutions


The project involves several stages, the main goal of which is to create an intelligent platform. Participating companies get third-party expertise and evaluation of their products. For schools, rapid experimentation provides an opportunity to try out new products based on the needs voiced by the schools themselves.
The project involves developing educational institutions, introducing new tools and technologies, creating new environments, and conducting research

2018: Research needs and perspectives

€ 5 390 000 project budget




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