The open mindset of the representatives of Aarhus University leads the project AU Smart Cities (AUSC) and provides a platform that spans all main areas related to future and smart technologies for Smart Cities. Research collaboration with the university initiatives supports private and government organizations, like example Euro Science and European University Association that in this way try to change the open culture of work approach for a higher quality of Smart Cities development.

Research activities allow the AUSC be better to engage with society. The use of a very structured approach. Students give focus to be visible in the broad field that is associated with societal challenges. They work on opportunities for research of digital urban living standards. It’s a pretty open-mind approach that supports teachers, as well as the commercial sector who use this added value benefit.

Smart city university project initiatives

While the university has many open initiatives that contribute to the field of smart cities, AUSC is not an alternative. They’re rather an open forum where these already existing efforts meet and foster new approaches.

Smart cities as a field challenge the sector-based thinking culture that has shaped modern development planning. Ranges across all the public sectors, for example – from energy to culture, from business to health, and from media to architecture. It is a true-open domain that requires comprehensive efforts to understand all the Smart Cities’ circumstances.

The “city” term is a very general expression. While urban development is often seen as a precursor for or structuring force in larger dynamics of culture planning. Smart is broad. A somewhat ill-defined term that refers to social and technological qualities. All are rounded under the phenomena and systems under the Smart City umbrella.

The Smart City project of UASC contributes to the university’s efforts in research, education, and policy development. It helps with partnerships development – both – nationally, at the EU level, as well as internationally. Aarhus University, through the AUSC project, makes them and their resources available to the entire university.


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