Colonialism is a system of domination of industrialized countries, the so-called metropoles, over the rest of the world in the 16th-20th centuries by the military, political and economic coercion of nations, countries, and territories, usually economically less developed and with the foreign national population.



More than 70 years ago, the collapse of the world colonies began. The main criticism of colonialism on behalf of civilized humanity is precisely that it committed massive violations of basic human rights.

Example of a Colonialistic government system

The division of the British Raj into independent India and Pakistan and the outcome of British colonial rule in India do not look so unambiguous. It was from the British that India inherited its parliamentary system, making it “the largest democracy in the world”. And not least because of the mass familiarity of Indians with the language of the colonizers, English, India today has become the world’s center of offshore programming. At the same time, however, neighboring Pakistan boasts neither a stable democracy nor economic achievements. The fate of other former colonies also varies: there is successful Singapore and economically disastrous Zimbabwe.


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