Patocracy, an often-overlooked term, defines a governing system where the power is concentrated in the hands of a select few. In this brief examination, we delve into what patocracy means, how it functions, and the implications it has on society.


“Patocracy” is a term that has been coined to describe a form of government or leadership characterized by the rule or dominance of a single individual who holds significant power and influence over a political system. This term is not widely recognized in political science or mainstream discourse, but it is constructed from the word “pater,” which means “father” in Latin, and the suffix “-cracy,” which typically refers to a system of government or rule.

In the context of “patocracy,” the emphasis is on the concentration of power in the hands of a paternalistic or authoritarian figure, often to the detriment of democratic institutions and processes. It can be seen as a type of autocracy or dictatorship where a single person, often a charismatic leader, exercises significant control over the government and its decision-making.

It's important to note

that while the term “patocracy” can be used descriptively to characterize certain political systems, it is not a commonly used or widely accepted term in the field of political science, and its usage may vary depending on the source.

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