A state with a clearly defined territory in which it exercises internal and external sovereignty has a permanent population, a government, is independent of other states, and has the authority and capacity to enter into international relations with other sovereign states is called a Sovereign State.

Sovereign state

The government of a sovereign state has ownership of all property in the state. Sovereignty as an essential property inherent in the state does not mean complete independence of states or even more their isolation, since they live and coexist in an interconnected world; hence it is illogical to speak of absolute, unconstrained sovereignty.

At the same time, it should be noted that the legal equality of states does not mean their de facto equality, which is taken into account in real international relations. On the modern political map of the world, there are 194 sovereign states and about 300 countries.

Example of Sovereign state government system

The first state formations on the territory of modern India emerged long before our era. However, in the 18th century, almost the entire territory of modern India lost its sovereignty and was in colonial dependence on Great Britain for a long time. India as a state disappeared, but as a great country, with its religion, culture, the identity of the population, it survived and was restored as a sovereign state again in 1947.


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