Remote diagnosis of residents in the nursing home using 5G


“Giving staff and GPs the technology necessary to safeguard patients while being able to perform thorough examinations is an important first step to deliver on our commitment to improving healthcare across the region.” Mayor of the West Midlands Andy Street

In addition to video consultations, the 5G service enables GPs located anywhere in the UK to undertake fully remote ward rounds in care homes. This enables fully remote diagnosis and monitoring of vital signs and early alerts of issues.

In December 2020, West Midlands 5G (WM5G) and telemedicine equipment provider Tekihealth tested 5G at a care homes in Coventry, West Midlands, UK.

The Teki-Hub solution provides a way for general practitioners to provide care during a pandemic without having to visit a nursing home. Teki-Hub provides high-resolution photography and video, thermometer and otoscope readings, electrocardiograms, and spirometry data.

Diagnostics with Teki-Hub’s 5G connectivity allows for less physical contact, limiting the risk of coronavirus infection for both patients and general practitioners. The device saves time, helping physicians treat more patients.

Patients can get a complete checkup as their therapist receives real-time clinical information from the device, which is managed by staff in the nursing home.


Technology optimizes physician visits to nursing homes: reducing the specialist’s travel time and limiting the risks of COVID-19 infection for vulnerable groups. The system enables early notification of problems to the physician.

Stages: December 2020. completion of testing

Sources: Care home residents benefit from UK’s first 5G remote diagnosis and monitoring trial – allowing full access to GP care

Technology: 5G
Spheres: medtechcovid-tech
Geography: UK, Coventry
Applicable solution: Teki-Hub
Developer: West Midlands 5G, Tekihealth



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