Schumann Resonance as a phenomenon, oddly enough, is more familiar in the field of esoterics. However, it is a relatively trivial physical phenomenon and very easy to understand. In 1952, the German physicist Winfried Otto Schumann calculated that these standing electromagnetic waves must be in the range of extremely low frequencies.

Interestingly, the percentage of stress has almost doubled over the last few decades. Of course, we can attribute this to the enormous intensity of life in cities and global industrialization. But what if we look at it from the other side?

Again, back to physics. So,  Thus, the notion of Schumann resonances emerged, showing a set of frequencies produced by electromagnetic waves in Earth’s lower ionosphere. The frequencies, created from thunderstorms and lightning, range from 7.83 Hz, called the Earth’s “heartbeat,” to 32.4 Hz. The human body emits vibrations between 7-13 Hz in a relatively calm waking state. When we are at the same frequency with the world around us, we feel comfortable and well, and we are less prone to depressive states. But the Schumann frequency has begun to increase. This suggests that the Universe is evolving, and its frequencies are getting higher. Which means we need to move to the next level, too. Soon evolution will require a transition to the so-called beta frequency, where the brain works clearly and fog-free. This is a new level that will be the key for each of us to understand our problems and the influence of the Universe on our lives.

Although the astounding effects of the Schumann Resonances still require more scientific study, the fascination with this unique natural phenomenon continues. Is the increase in the frequency of Schumann Resonance leading to mental disorders for all of Earth’s inhabitants? Schumann resonance and Schumann oscillations are studied not only by mystics, esoterics, and occultists. It turns out that there are real reasons to deal with this information as well, as there are pretty practical applications of this knowledge.

The Earth as a giant spherical resonator

The Earth and its ionosphere is a giant spherical resonator, which cavity is filled with a weakly conductive medium. If the electromagnetic wave arose in this medium after enveloping the globe again coincides with its amplitude (enters resonance), it could exist for a long time. The physics of this phenomenon is relatively simple. The existence of resonance in the Earth-ionosphere system has been known since the discovery of electromagnetic waves. So why is Winfried Otto Schumann considered the discoverer of this resonance? And who is this Schumann? Many interesting mystical cases like secret societies, the technology of alien civilizations, and unidentified flying objects are associated with this man’s name. But the interested reader can read about it in Maximillien De Lafayette’s books, from which you can learn that the scientist has worked since 1922 on the creation of disc-shaped flying machines on alternative energy.

Schumann’s experiments

Schumann worked on the interactions of strong electromagnetic fields on gas, liquids, and solids throughout his active life. He also worked for a long time on high-frequency technology, plasma physics, and ionospheric behavior. In the 50’s he took up the study of the propagation of radio waves that were induced by lightning. It was at this time that he was studying resonance, later to be named after him. By the way, before Schumann’s research, the question of electromagnetic oscillations within concentric spheres was dealt with by many researchers. Of course, we cannot but mention the famous Nikola Tesla and also Joseph J. Thomson (1893), Hector M. Macdonald (1902), Gustav Mie (1908), Harry Bateman (1915), Jean Broc (1952). So Schumann, through the Hankel functions, derives the formula that has become famous for determining the resonant frequencies of the Earth-ionosphere system. It was supposedly the first prediction of electromagnetic oscillations in the volumetric resonator, which is the space between the surface of the Earth and the ionosphere. Later, the average resonant frequency of the Earth-ionosphere system was experimentally measured. The first model of these oscillations is 7.83 Hz; the other modes here are 14.1 Hz, 20.3 Hz, 26.4 Hz, and 32.4 Hz. So why are we talking about the average? The thing is that the Earth’s ionosphere is not a solid state but a very unstable structure with parameters that depend on solar activity, time of the year, time of the day, temperature, winds, volcanoes, magnetic field of the Earth, etc. Consequently, the Schumann resonance cannot be a priori a stable value.

schumann resonance

Effect of Schumann's resonance on planet and people

The Schumann Resonance has been studied for its effect on the planet as well as on humans. Flashes of the lightning strike around the Earth about 50 times every second creating low-frequency electromagnetic waves that encompass the planet. These waves, dubbed Schumann Resonances, may affect human behavior, some scientists think. The Schumann Resonances encircle the Earth, repeating the beat used to study the planet’s electric environment, weather, and seasons. Flowing around our planet, the waves’ crests and troughs align in resonance to amplify the initial signal. The resonances fluctuate with variations in the ionosphere, with the intensity of solar radiation playing a significant part. At night, for example, that part of the ionosphere becomes thinner. The world’s lighting hotspots in Asia, Africa, and South America, whose storms are seasonal and affected by whether it’s night or day, also influence the strength of the resonance.

Schumann resonance, Schumann vibration, or Schumann waves

Schumann resonance itself is just a parameter. Parameters by themselves do not affect anything. It is an abstraction. Physical objects and phenomena have an influence. That is, in our case, radiation, or waves, oscillations can influence people. Our resonator, the Earth with its ionosphere, is a filter. From the broadband spectra of any radiation, they select those frequencies that fall within their bandwidth. Schumann resonance, also called Schumann vibration, works for radio waves. It’s not sound! What is our nature has a broadband spectrum of electromagnetic radiation? It is a powerful electrical pulse, close in shape to the Dirac delta function. Theoretically, it has an infinite spectrum. In the atmosphere, such pulses are approached by lightning. And, indeed, it is from their spectrum that the Schumann resonator isolates the corresponding oscillations. Their spectrum, of course, looks exactly like its bandwidth. But few people pay attention to one significant point in the spectrograms of Schumann waves. Namely, the level of energies or power quantities in the spectrum.

Schumann’s resonance monitoring

Monitoring stations usually indicate the spectral density of magnetic induction T/ Hz in picatels per root Hertz. These are very small values. They can be measured only with special equipment located far away from the centers of civilization. The apparatus for measuring Schumann signals is not complicated, but it is much more difficult to find a quiet place on Earth where there would be no interference. Why do people need such measurements? Indeed started of curiosity but quickly found practical purposes as well. A network of monitoring stations uses triangulation to determine the localization of lightning on a global scale. In addition, this is done by common optical measurements from space. In particular, in 2002, on the Space Shuttle during the launch of STS-107, a special video camera recorded flashes in the atmosphere caused by lightning. Also, with the help of monitoring to determine parameters of the ionosphere, in particular the D layer, and make predictions about the passage of radio waves and space weather. That is, to measure and make predictions of ionized particle concentrations in this layer. According to changes in the Schumann resonance, it is also possible to monitor solar activity. Even now, there are studies on the relationship between the Schumann resonance and temperature at different latitudes. And finally, the strangest studies are conducted – the effect of Schumann waves on biological objects. But quite often, the results of even adequate and solid studies are interpreted very specifically. For example, one of the most quoted by both scientists and occultists is the work of the German scientist Rutger Wever, known for his significant contributions to the Chronobiology field. He studied the influence of various influences and factors on human circadian rhythms, in other words, sleep-wake cycles.

Electromagnetic waves and artificial noise

Can our bodies indeed be affected by electromagnetic frequencies generated by incessant lighting strikes? Indeed, some of the speculation ventures into new age science. Some believe a spike in the resonance can influence people and animals. At the same time, a reversal may also be possible, where human consciousness can both be impacted by and itself impact the Schumann Resonances. By this logic, a sudden source of global stress that produces worldwide tension would change the resonances.

We are surrounded by natural and artificial electromagnetic noise in a wide range of frequencies and magnitudes during our everyday life. The artificial electromagnetic noise is relatively new. On the other hand, natural electromagnetic noise exists since the early days of Earth, thus surrounding us throughout our evolutionary history. However, its influence on biological systems was poorly studied, mainly due to the low magnitude of these fields and lack of interest. One of the natural Extremely low-frequency signals is the lightning-produced Schumann Resonance. The human body also produces weak alternating electromagnetic fields in the Extremely low-frequency range generated by excitable cells.

A long-lived, globally available natural Ultra and Extremely low-frequency signal, the Schumann Resonance signal, was investigated as the possible plausible biophysical mechanism for the observed Solar and Geomagnetic Activity (S-GMA) effects. It is found that the Schumann Resonance signal is extremely highly correlated with these indices of sunspot number and the Kp-index. This global geomagnetic activity index is based on 3-hour measurements from ground-based magnetometers around the world. The physical mechanism is the ionospheric D-region ion/electron density that varies with S-GMA and forms the upper boundary of the resonant cavity in which the Schumann Resonance signal is formed. This provides strong support for identifying the Schumann Resonance signals as S-GMA biophysical mechanism, primarily through a melatonin mechanism. It strongly supports correlating S-GMA with biological effects and human health effects.

Many studies have identified significant physical, biological, and health effects associated with changes in S-GMA. Variations in solar activity, geomagnetic activity, and ionospheric ion/electron concentrations are mutually highly correlated and strongly linked by geophysical processes. The key scientific question is, what factor is it in the natural environment that causes the observed biological and physical effects? The effects include altered blood pressure and melatonin, increased cancer, reproductive, cardiac, neurological disease, and death. Many occupational studies have found that exposure to Extremely low-frequency fields between 16.7 Hz and 50/60 Hz significantly reduces melatonin levels. They are also associated with the same and very similar health effects as the S-GMA effects.

Does Schumann’s Resonance relate to our health?

Why is Schumann Resonance important for your health, and is the Earth’s heartbeat of 7,83 Hz influencing human behavior?

Some scientists believe the lightning-produced frequencies may be connected to our brain waves, hypnosis, and meditation. Still, there’s less rigorous scientific evidence of those connections at this point. The frequency of 7.83 Hz, also known as the Schumann Resonance, is the frequency of Alpha and Theta brainwaves in the human brain and the Earth’s natural rhythm. Alpha and Theta brainwave frequencies are relaxed, dreamy, sleepy states; that is also when cell regeneration and healing happen. It is no surprise that people nowadays, especially in bigger cities, are unbalanced, irritated, reactive, angry, and diseases are rising. Our bioelectromagnetic waves are out of balance; we are all out of balance from Earth’s electromagnetic frequency and crave healing. We live in a time of technology, with superficial wavelengths that disrupt the natural Earth’s frequency. The electromagnetic fields generated by power supply systems, telecommunications, appliances, computers, and other technology produced by humans are extremely powerful and, in some cases, have been associated with increased incidence of cancer, heart disease, depression, and other diseases. Exposure to strong electromagnetic fields in residential areas and certain occupations has significantly increased the incidence or risk of the listed diseases.

Scientific experiments have proved that by tuning into 7.83Hz, the planet’s own magnetic frequency, people experience benefits like enhanced learning and memory, body rejuvenation, balance, improved stress tolerance, anti jet lag, and anti brainwashing. On the other hand, experiments were done where Schumann resonance, the exposure of 7.83 Hz frequency was removed from individuals environment. The subjects reported many health problems as migraine headaches, emotional distress. This shows how important it is to be in tune with the Earth’s magnetic frequency.

The human body is a very complex mechanism, which depends not only on the integrity of parts but also on external factors. We often hear about weather sensitivity, that joints ache from the weather, moping when it rains, the grayness of the day brings depression, etc. At first glance, all of this doesn’t seem particularly scientific, but you should never dismiss out-of-the-box explanations for anything. There is always a connection between the workings of a person’s physical and mental system and the environment surrounding it, one way or another. The question is how it manifests itself and how to prove it.

Physical and mental system interaction

otto schumann

The interaction between a person’s physical and mental system and the environment surrounding it is always there in one way or another. The question is how it manifests itself and how to prove it.

Brain wave activity is limited to specific modes depending on the subject’s activity, and therefore only certain rhythms are observed at any given time. The nature of the spectrum can also change depending on physical and mental activity. Studies of the human brain have shown that alpha waves are dominant when a person is in a state of deep rest. If, however, any general anesthetic is elevated in the body, the brain activity shifts from the normal 10 Hz alpha signals to a predominant signal of 7-8 Hz. So, thunderstorm activity and, consequently, Schumann resonance existed on the Earth for billions of years. Due to this, a natural background field of extremely low frequencies was maintained all over the planet. This natural field has a certain frequency maximum with a basic mode of about 8 Hz. Primitive life forms on our planet exhibit a state close to deep rest with a spectrum close to 10 Hz. The human brain often exhibits increased activity around 26 Hz, which is close to the fourth mode of the Schumann resonance frequency. The question is, could biological species use this natural field to train their own systems?

Among the many nonlinear effects in nature, synchronization is the phenomenon that is probably most frequently observed in many different systems. Synchronization is a relationship between two objects that oscillate in time. Synchronization occurs when there is a fixed phase relationship between two objects. Christiaan Huygens, the first to discover the effect of synchronization back in the 17th century, observed that pendulum clocks hanging on joint support eventually enter a state of phase synchronization; that is, the vibrations of their pendulums begin to coincide. In biological systems, synchronization may be present at the microscopic level in cell populations, single neurons, and large neuronal networks. Also, in the dynamics of human cardio-respiratory development and even in the collective behavior of individual organisms, there is a synchronization effect. These are just a few examples. That is, synchronization is a mechanism of self-organization in complex systems. Which significantly reduces the degree of freedom of the system due to interaction with the environment or interaction between subsystems. On this basis, scientists suggest that during evolution, biological systems may have been synchronized in phase with the background electric fields of the atmosphere, determined by Schumann resonances. During evolution, especially in its early stages, the Schumann resonance was the only constant electromagnetic field available for such synchronization. Living organisms are inhabiting the Earth for millions of years evolved under the influence of external forces such as Schumann resonance. Consequently, these external forces may have influenced the very process of evolution in one way or another. We can also say that external Schumann resonance fields act as a protective shell of cells in a state of stress. The main task of such researches scientists is understanding the interaction of living organisms and the environment and the possibility of improving medicine.

It is believed that every cell in our body has the vibration of life. Every person on this planet vibrates at a specific frequency, which is measured in Hertz. When we leave the so-called basic neutral state, it often happens during interaction with people; as a consequence of which events begin to occur in our life, emotions are activated, and then the frequency of our vibrations changes. Any human thought is charged with emotion, and this emotion creates vibrations of a certain frequency. Many scientists and philosophers consider that the exchange of information in the whole Universe occurs through the uniform language existing in nature, namely the energy of vibrations.

David R. Hawkins, MD, Ph.D., a widely known authority within the fields of consciousness research and spirituality, has developed a system of levels of human consciousness. In his view, spiritual values are measurable. He proposes a method for testing people’s vibrational energies, or awareness, from zero to 1,000. Where 1 is responsible for initial existence and 1000 shows the perfection of consciousness in the physical body. The average level of people worldwide is 200, a level borderline between instincts and the pursuit of high goals. On Hawkins’ awareness scale, enlightenment has the highest score of 700+ and the greatest expansion of energy. The higher the vibrational frequency, the higher the expansion and the greater the life force in our cells. The lower the vibrational frequency, the greater the contraction and the less life force in our cells.

The conviction drives researcher, corporate consultant, author, and educator Joe Dispenza that each of us has the potential for unlimited abilities. In one of his books, he describes the vibrations of our emotions as when the rate of vibration decreases, energy becomes increasingly material. Thus, survival emotions ground us and cause us to vibrate at frequencies that are closer to matter than to energy. Anger, hatred, suffering, shame, guilt, condemnation, lust, and similar emotions plunge us into the material world because their frequency is lower and more in line with the radiation of material objects. Sublime emotions such as love, joy, and gratitude are high frequency. From the moment we are born, we engage our emotions, to which certain reactions arise. As life goes on, most of our reactions become automatic, often negative, becoming a habit. So how do we raise our vibrations, get rid of stress, tension, and become more harmonious with people?

Suppose we can control our emotions and indirectly change our vibrations. Can we comprehensively control our inner resonance? To answer this, look at the Tibetan monks. To understand a person, they tune in to them and their vibrations; they hold their hands and try to feel their pulse. That’s how you tune in with them, and they will be able to tell you exactly what’s wrong with you. Problems with vibrations are reflected in all areas of life. It includes personal relationships, confidence in yourself and your abilities, success in your career, and creativity. The area with lowered vibrations is often directly related to the areas where you are experiencing problems at the moment or all the time. The problem areas should and can be dealt with by raising a person’s vibration.

Working with one zone or another is possible with the help of so-called vibration keys. Using them, you can consciously influence your body’s vibration level – the higher it is, the more precisely you feel the world around you. Here are several tools that are certainly familiar to many people, which help raise your vibration. It’s a joy because only you know what gives you joy and pleasure when you “explode” with anticipation. Anything, any action, any activity that gives you joy -the more often you do it, the higher your vibration. It’s music that’s either meditative or that gives you a drive, and there’s music that makes your Soul turn right inside out and open up. Another tool is any positive change, and we need to see and strive for positive change within ourselves.

The following tool to raise the vibrations is the emission of love and kindness, laughter and smiles. When you radiate from the inside out love, kindness, support, and understanding, all the brightest things in a person are amplified. Unconditional love is the one having the highest vibration! Everyone knows the cleansing power of water. Remember how soothing the sound of a stream, how pleasant it is to watch the rain, and contemplate the magnificent views of bodies of water. Water, as an inseparable element of nature and nature in general, raises our vibration. And it’s impossible to ignore meditation. When we meditate, our brain frequency slows down, and we vibrate in a completely different way.

When we become quiet, we can see the reality as it is, all inseparable aspects together. Tree, sky and ground, rain, sun, stars, life, death. The same as mountain and valley are inseparable, the same we are inseparable from other people. In all traditional resources of knowledge and religion, texts keep one join meaning – that everything has something that we call “spirit.” It is one more option trying to say that everything is linked with one, the single element of vibrations. Exists only one consciousness, one field, and one power that’s moving absolutely through everything. This field does not exist around you – this field exists through you. It exists in the meaning of you itself. You are an essential part of the Universe, and you are the eyes through which consciousness sees itself.

The vibration is everything

We can translate the meaning of Nada Brahma as Sound of the Universe and translate the word Nada as a Sound of vibration and Brahma, the name of God. Brahma is simultaneously the Universe and the creator – the same, like an artist and his art = an inseparable synergy. In one of the first notices of ancient India, it was told that Brahma the creator was sitting on the flower of lotus, opening eyes, and the world becomes the composition of matter. When Brahma closes his eyes, the world leaves the composition of matter. Meditation practitioners across centuries prove that closing the eyes and moving to the deep level of consciousness exists a kind of field. It is the field of Akasha, or let’s say the kind of notes of Akasha, that keeps all the Universe’s information. Although, we will never see this field in all its beauty because a high volume of vibrations layers this field. One layer is mixed with another one. These vibrations are all the time changing, communicating information with Akasha. All the experience of the past, current, and future. Akasha was, is, and will exist forever. From this field, or we can also call it matrices, come to all things, starting by subatomic elements and closing by galaxies, stars, planets, and all life.


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