According to expert estimates the world market of commercial data and services based on remote sensing data, which is about $2 bln nowadays, will be close to $10 bln by 2030. This explosive growth will take place, not due to the increase in the number of “raw” images, but due to the increase of various services developed using earth-sensing data

Remote sensing is currently investigating:

  • Atmospheric and ocean monitoring and forecasting;
  • Monitoring of the ice cover;
  • Information support of heliogeophysical service;
  • Assessment of the probability of natural hazards and emergencies;
  • Study of climatic, oceanic, and landscape changes based on observations of cloud cover, greenhouse gas concentrations, ozone layer, snow and ice cover, ocean temperature and color, vegetation cover, and radiation balance;
  • Study of climate and climate-forming factors;
  • Atmospheric, land, and ocean pollution;
  • Risk of pollution, including radioactive pollution;
  • Measurements of surface temperature and ocean levels and pollution;
  • Assessment of forest resources, age, and species composition of forests;

    Monitoring of illegal logging and observation of specially protected natural areas;

  • Assessment of vegetation conditions;
satelite picture
  • Supporting topographic and geophysical surveys;
  • Assessment of global mineral reserves and production activity to analyze market trends;
  • Surveys and classifications of current and planned mining areas and site locations;
  • Monitoring of the geologic environment and the condition of access roads;
  • Ongoing monitoring of operations at facilities and mining sites;
  • Monitoring the condition of industrial and infrastructure facilities and equipment, and ensuring industrial safety;
  • Monitoring of compliance with license agreements in the course of field development and exploration;
  • Monitoring of the natural and anthropogenic environment around the industrial and infrastructure facilities;
  • Environmental monitoring in mining and production areas, control over industrial use of waste in production.


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