Pilot testing of a connected car with 5G support


SEAT, Telefonica, Ficosa, ETRA, and Qualcomm in collaboration with 5G Barcelona, the Catalan Telecommunications Center, and the Polytechnic University of Catalonia have implemented a 5G Connected Car pilot project. The 5G Connected Car can warn the driver of dangers outside his field of vision. It can detect pedestrians, cyclists, and other obstacles on the road. Seat provided two Ateca and Arona cars, and Ficosa developed the C-V2X platform, which enabled the vehicle to interact with the road infrastructure and obstacles around it. The project tested the road safety capabilities of 5G. SEAT and Telefonica are also planning to test 5G vehicles at a test site in Malaga, Andalucía, Spain. This includes testing remote and autonomous driving, V2X technologies in the 5G network, and the use of navigation systems and road infrastructure.


The technology reduces the risks of accidents on the roads by alerting the driver to pedestrians, bicycles, and obstacles out of his sight. Pilot testing: February 2019 Technology: 5G


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