The Avtomatika Concern of Rostec State Corporation has made the first demonstration of a full-feature network system prototype on the concept of Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). The next-generation Zenator TI device series is designed for creating cyber-secure communication systems at critical infrastructure facilities. Project presentation took place at the Intelligence of Machines and Mechanisms International Forum in Sevastopol.

The system, designed by the Mashtab research institute (part of Avtomatika Concern) consists of a router, a switch, and a firewall. Each device is made in a compact form factor for installation on DIN rails or telecommunication racks and can be used in wireless networks. Zenator T can be used to control access to process equipment of a facility, e.g. for restricting system access only to authorized employees.

“This is a unique product for the Russian market. These devices can be connected to two independent power supplies, which increases their reliability. Zenator TI’s built-in software allows restricting operation only to authorized modules, preventing the installation of any software backdoors. Operating temperature ranges from –45 ° to +65 °. The system works on a hardware platform produced in Russia and meets the requirements for telecommunication equipment of Russian origin,” said the General Director of the Avtomatika Concern Andrey Motorko.

The solution is suitable for creating firewalls matching the NGFW (Next Generation FireWall) technology. Traffic switching and routing solutions allow the creation of reliable fault-tolerant network segments using modern packet processing technologies.

The Intellect of Machines and Mechanisms International Industrial Forum was held in Sevastopol from May 30 to June 1. The event was organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation, the Russian Foundation for Advanced Research Projects, and the Government of Sevastopol. The event aims to become the main platform for demonstration, discussion, and implementation of the most advanced Russian radio and electronic technologies.


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