Get Ahead of the Pump Curve: Simulation-driven KSB Circulator Pump Optimization using CAESES

As part of the EU’s initiative to improve building efficiency, heating circulator pumps must adhere to stringent requirements, expressed by the Energy Efficiency Index (EEI), in order to be sold in the EU market. Join us for this live presentation where you’ll learn about:
  • Parameterization of a circulator pump geometry using Friendship Systems – CAESES
  • API workflow integrating CAESES with SimScale
  • Development of an innovative workflow for the optimization of a KSB circulator pump
  • Computing hundreds of design of experiment (DoE) runs using the shape optimization tool CAESES
  • Capturing the generated performance data of a large set of impeller design variants for multiple operating points in a surrogate (reduced order) model
  • How design insights can be used to significantly improve the hydraulic and EEI performance of the pumpCirculator Pump

About SimScale

SimScale is the world’s first cloud-native SaaS engineering simulation platform, giving engineers and designers immediate access to digital prototyping early in the design stage, throughout the entire R&D cycle, and across the entire enterprise.


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