Build smart cities with solutions that help improve quality of life.

From population growth to rapid urbanization, communities face new challenges to maintaining high livability standards, resiliency, and sustainability. Using innovative Internet of Things (IoT) and machine-to-machine (M2M) communication solutions, city executives can help improve efficiency and revolutionize cities to create a better quality of life for both work and play. See how our Smart Cities solutions can make a difference in your world.

Verizon makes your community smart, connected, and safe.

Smart communities are cities, counties, sports venues, college campuses, and corporate facilities that leverage technologies to better engage with citizens. Verizon helps public-and private-sector planners increase economic development, drive citizen engagement and promote sustainability with our suite of smart city solutions. In addition to the IoT and M2M technologies we’ve developed, we’ve also acquired companies like Sensity, an IoT-based platform that supports intelligent LED sensors and other smart city solutions, and LQD WiFi, which makes interactive kiosks that inspire interactive community engagement. We’re developing viable and comprehensive smart platforms that help you unify disparate systems, use resources more efficiently and address an array of community challenges.

With Verizon Smart Cities and Communities, you can collect critical data and gain near real-time visibility into vital operations. This helps you streamline the decision-making process and respond more quickly. For example, suppose a water pipe breaks. In that case, sensors will be able to detect the sudden pressure change and notify public works officials, who could then dispatch the closest field crew for repair. Likewise, in area flooding, residents could receive alerts, traffic lights could be adjusted to steer drivers toward safety, and digital signage could be used for information sharing. This is one of the many ways in which smart cities technology can help communities become more resilient.

When a city is a truly smart city, it can collect data from IoT and connected machine technologies. As a result, communities can benefit from revenue generation opportunities, make efficient use of limited resources and attract businesses, residents, and workers.

Verizon Smart City Solutions

Fortunately, now there’s a smarter, cost-effective way of street lighting.

With Verizon Intelligent Lighting, you can remotely operate lights, individually or by group, or program them to turn on, off, or dim based on pre-set definitions. That means lights are on when and where they’re needed, helping to both decrease energy costs and address residents’ safety concerns. And with City Hub, you can connect to more IoT solutions on an adaptable and easy-to-use cloud-based platform.

What is Intelligent Street Lighting?

The Verizon Intelligent Lighting platform converts LED fixtures into sensor-equipped smart devices that capture and transmit data in near real-time. So you get full control over all lights, insights into the state of your lighting infrastructure, and access to an array of lighting applications and services.

How does Intelligent Street Lighting work?

Intelligent Lighting is a comprehensive solution that includes wireless connectivity, cloud hosting, hardware, and software. In addition, the lighting control device connects to the NetSense platform, where you can manage Intelligent Lighting and other applications such as traffic and parking solutions. Plus, you get analytics that provides temperature and energy monitoring.

Protect what’s important with Intelligent Video.

Verizon Intelligent Video offers a comprehensive bundled surveillance-as-a-service solution covering licensing, support, cloud, and wireless network access. With Verizon Intelligent Video, security teams have all the tools they need to prioritize safety procedures, manage risk and respond quickly with more productive security dispatches. They can monitor and manage alerts and spot risks, whether they’re deep in the field or in a security operations center. In addition, our solution helps security experts be proactive and better able to respond to emergencies, like crimes, terrorist actions, or natural disasters.
Help reduce traffic delays and related harmful emissions. Get moving again with cloud-based traffic management.

Verizon Intelligent Video helps you:

  • Record high-quality video with cameras at the edge to increase the security of all your assets.
  • Use local storage devices for short-term needs; archive long-term videos in our cloud-based Intelligent Video Management System.
  • Spot unusual or abnormal behaviors and trigger alert to an employee and public safety.
  • Make better decisions, shorten response times and intervene effectively by allowing authorized personnel to watch near real-time video remotely.


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