1. The law of emptiness – if you want to get something new, release the old

2. The law of circulation – be ready to leave something rather than hold something to reach something that you wish

3. The law of imagination – first, you have to see clearness in the imagination of your ideal life, and then it happens

4. The law of creativity – a person can reach consciousness by his inner thinking and open-mindedness, and than he can do anything he wants

5. The law of giving and receiving – if you give something, you will receive 10-times more than you gave. When you receive happiness, you should share it with the people surrounding you. You break your goodness naturality if you receive a gift without sharing it with others. You must be happy with gifts and share this with others

6. The law of 1/10 – the universe always took its 1/10 and always returns it back to you.

7. The law of dismissing – when you are not able to dismiss, you will never be able to love.

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